November 15, 2012

Vermintide WHFB Tournament - GO BUCKETHEADS!!!

Two more sleeps and its an early morning drive to Wellington for Vermintide a 1200pt WHFB tournament.  The field has settled at 20 including most of the Wellington event regulars, a few new faces and some of the countries top players.  Army lists are varied and the field consists of:
  •  Tomb Kings - 1
  • Orcs - 1
  • Warriors of Chaos -2
  • Empire - 1
  • High Elves - 3
  • Wood Elves - 2
  • Dwarfs - 3
  • Vampires - 1
  • Lizardmen - 1
  • Ogres - 2 (including me)
  • Skaven -2
  • Daemons - 1
You can download a copy of the army lists here

For me personally its going to be great event as I finally have a group of club mates from Palmy travelling down with me.  While Adam has attended a few events (inc. taking my High Elves to one for me when I withdrew) Im usually the clubs sole representative.  This time theres four us.
Me and my Ogres
My first tournament with my Ogres and I'm feeling reasonably confident as my list is solid, at least it works well against club mates.  However, Ill get eaten alive by shooting armies and by the Daemons who I am hoping like hell I dont run into.  First round match up is vs. Matthew Hassells Dwarfs he has:
  • A Runelord but no RO Spellbreaking, Spelleating or MR Balance so I might get the odd spell off.
  • Slight variation on standard BSB set up with +1 to hit at S5 and 1+ AS without re-rolls.
  • 2 Blocks of Warriors - 30 with GW and 27 with HW/S
  • Grudge Thrower & an Organ Gun
With only 3 effective drops he is going to get out deployed in pretty much every game he plays, and I can effectively leave placing my Mournfang until after he has deployed his Warmachines (esp. Organ Gun).  HtH combat might be effy but I should get a win here particularly if his warmachines fail early on.
Reagans Vampire Counts

Reagans first ever tournament - he's fairly new to WHFB but his list is OK but personally I think he should have stuck a Banshee or two into it.

Oh Dear - Poor Reagan has drawn Peter Williamsons Tomb King list in his first game.  Peters one of the best WFHB players in the country (as well as a top bloke) and Im sorry Reagan but your going to get monstered - unless your Ghouls do some damage of course.
Calebs Level 4 Slann Skink themed Lizardmen

A Level 4 Slann at a 1200pt tournament is just filthy, although there is a Level 3 Liche Priest in the TK army and a L4 Wood Elf Spellweaver.  Calebs death by a 1000 cuts list is a nightmare to play against and I think he'll do really well.  Not sure about his first match up though vs. Sam Whitt's Chariot fest Orc List.  This one will be a great game to watch, I expect Poison is going to be huge factor in whether Caleb can whittle down Sams mobile units.

Adams Dwarfs
Adams got a solid list - taking Bolt Throwers rather than a Grudge Thrower has given him more troops on the ground which makes sense given that at 1200pts you can't expect that many monsters.  Of the 3 Dwarf lists I think his is the strongest in terms of HtH ability if weaker in warmachines - but with smaller tables and mobile opponents warmachines will become redundant fairly quickly.

Adams first match up is against Kent Jacksons Wood Elves with a L4 Spellweaver and lots of Glade Guard, but thats about it.  Adams going to have to go up the guts and hope like hell Wood Elf archery misses alot in the first couple of turns.


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Simon Switzer said...

It will be the Wairarapa vs Wellington Vs Palmerston, what a show down that will be.

I predict Wairarapa to be at the top!