November 30, 2012

WHFB Battle Report - Ogres vs. Night Goblins 2400pts

First match up with my Ogres against Jeffs Night Goblin Fanatic horde last night and I got brutalised.  Fanatics popped out left right and centre, Mangler Squigs were whirling here and there and the Foot of Gork just kept stomping and stomping and stomping.  Not to mention the 2 Rock Lobbers and 2 Doom Divers that were raining death and destruction down on me constantly - honestly I think he's been playing against Dwarfs too much, his first lists had no warmachines in them no he has 4!!

Photos are a bit dodgy as I was using my daughters new camera and couldnt figure out how to make it work properly...

Initial set up for Blood and Glory - in hindsight the Mournfang should have gone on a flank where they could reduce the number of fanatics that might come there way.  Also needed some Sabre Tusks but dont have them yet.
2 big blocks of bulls, an IronGut Bus, 4xMournfang, Ironblaster, L4 SM, L1 FB and 2 Bruisers should be enough to cause Jeff some headaches.  I got first move in and just went for it forgetting at this stage about the fanatics.
Hey Ho Lets Go!!!!! Mournfang all set to charge the Trolls next turn
Sneaky buggers Goblins - Jeff plants both of his Manglers (proxied by my FW Space Marines) in front of my lines.  While I have space to move the Mournfang around one of them I can now only charge the Night Goblins.
Quintas Varius give me back by Mournfang!!! (Choco Fish for anyone who gets the historical reference in that).  Mournfang charge the Night Goblins and make it.  Night Goblins release 3 Fanatics that pop straight through them and do.... 23 hits and 18 wounds!!!! So bye bye Mournfang.  Still the Ironguts are all set up as is the Brusier - Bull Bus.
Damn it for bloody Fanatics - little buggers pop up everywhere.
Great here come the Trolls - Fanatics everywhere keep me static and I also get a Wolf Chariot in the rear to boot.  Damn Mangler is also runs riot through my unit doing 4 wounds.  Ruby Ring on the Bruiser is no more after it miscast and destroyed itself in Turn 1 and the Flaming Banner was on the Mournfang
Meanwhile on the other flank the Firebelly Bus gets surrounded by Fanatics (2 of them), and is basically left to charge a horde of Night Goblins while taking 2 Chariots to the flank.

To you see how few Ironguts remain in the left of the picture.... Just 1 out of 10 thanks to the Foot of Gork which goes Stompy Stompy Stomp Stomp not once but 4 times on the unit (turns out later that it shouldnt have gone as as the casting mage didnt have them in his front arc - but serves me right for not knowing the rules).  Meanwhile the Bruiser-Bull bus has killed a couple of trolls and is hanging on Ok.
Stop making those damn Regeneration saves Jeff!!!! But look behind the Trolls whats that??  Its my BSB, Slaughtermaster and the sole surviving Iron Gut charging a horde of 60 Night Goblins single handed.
Ah ha ha I have you know!!!

Somethings gone wrong here my Bruiser Bull bus has been vaporised - but the BSB/SM/Irongut team is cutting a swathe through the Night Goblins.  Ironblaster is also putting Cannon Balls through Night Goblin units, as well as popping a Mangler and a Chariot.
Not many left now... 38/60....
This doesnt end well so we'll stop looking about now OK
Its just the Ironblaster and the 3 Ogre attack squad still going now and they keep getting spells cast on them.  There were 4 miscasts during the game btw 3 of which ended in the dreaded S10 Large Template roll a D6 to see if your Mage lives miscast roll.  The SM managed to survive but Jeffs L4 got eaten in Turn 6.
3 Ogre killing spree at full steam only 10/60 Night Goblins left now and they are about to break and run away.

Meanwhile the Ironblaster can only look on - he eventually gets pulversied by 2 Doom Divers and the remaining Rock Lobber - the other one destroyed itself.
Last stand of the righteous Slaughter Master and BSB alone in the wood facing down the Goblin horde.  What does Jeff do, pummels them with Magic and his warmachines (I plumb forgot about the Ironcurse Icon on the BSB the entire game).  End of his Turn 6 and end of game only my BSB is still alive.

Not quite how I saw this game going - definetely need some Sabretusks especially against Night Goblins with Fanatics.  They are a tricky army to play against and Jeff uses them really well.  Not sure how his list would fare against something more mobile and against my Ogres he nearly came unstuck - Fanatics taking out the Mournfang and the Foot of Gork really changed things.  If 3 Ogres can charge and defeat a unit of 60 Night Goblins, imagine what would have happened had a unit of 10 Ironguts got a charge in on a similar unit.

Next week its Ogres vs. Warriors of Chaos - 2nd to last club night of the year


Jeffrey Kent said...

Thanks again for the game John. To be honest the more I think about it the more I feel lucky to have pulled off the result I did. Everything you put on the board hit like a semi-truck and my only real tools were going to be fanatic/mangler screens and the Foot of Gork. My real regret of the game was charging your bulls on turn 2 with my trolls. I think if I had waited a turn I could have lined up a better charge into a combat they still would have won and been within range of the general so I could use them again. All in all a great game and we'll have to have another go next year.

John Murrie said...

If you had waited back I would have charged them which would have left you open to hit me in the flank with your bigger units. However, you positioned everything really well - very good tactical game on your part made it difficult for me early on.

Definately keen on a rematch

Ben W said...

is it to do with caesar's lost legions that crossed over into gaul and never came back?
tough luck with the game though bud, gobbos might be rubbish but they sure have tricks eh?

John Murrie said...

Caesar Augustus yep - they were marching between winter camps in Germania when they were ambushed by a confederation of local tribes at the battle of Teutoburger Wald (Forest) in 9AD and wiped out - 3 Legions in total

Red Dog said...

Hi John,

Thought you'd like to know we've nominated you for a "Liebster Award" for your blog. Check out the details at Kapiti FoW Gamers.