November 19, 2012

WHFB Tournie Report - Ogres on the March

Game 1 vs. Dwarfs (Matthew Hassel)
Scenario – Dawn Attack
First Turn - Ogres

Grotgut Flesheater Butcher and leader of the Firepit Clan (so named after the Clan leader’s habit of getting blind drunk and falling into the firepit on a regular basis) rubbed his belly in anticipation of the meal ahead. The small things called Dwarfs took time to prepare properly, all that hair took an age to pluck out and scrap away but the resulting meal was mouth wateringly good. The more heavily armoured the Dwarf the greater the flavour too and these Dwarfs were very heavily armoured. All around him Ogre bellies rumbled loudly, saliva dripping from a multitude of mouths as his Warband readied itself for the coming meal – a meal that was advancing closer with every passing minute. Burping loudly Grotgut gave the order to advance; his salivating Ogres didn’t need to be told twice as the raced toward the well armoured snacks in front of them….

Grotgut Flesheater and the Firepit Clan Mournfang
The rest of the Firepit Clan Ogres advance on their meal

BA-BOOM!!!! A great cheer went up from the Firepit Clan Warband as the Ironblaster sent a cannon ball straight into the Organ Gun battery the Dwarves had deployed on their right flank. The advancing Mournfang quickened their pace and Grotgut ran to make way for them now the nasty Dwarven Warmachines no longer threatened them. Dwarven Grudge throwers responded in kind though landing a hail of giant stones on top of the Ironguts and the Firepit Clans Battle Standard Bearer – 2 Ironguts fell dead as huge boulders turned them into piles of goo.
The Ironblaster charges the first meal of the day

As the Mournfang advanced toward the Dwarven flank the stupid Gnoblar crewing the Ironblaster made the mistake of poking the Rhinox with his spear – causing it to charge headlong into the Dwarven Warriors in front of it – before the Mournfang and Grotgut were ready for their own attacks. Not wanting to miss out on a meal the Ironguts elbowed their way past the Bulls to their left and charged into the other Dwarven regiment.
Firepit Clan Mournfang hit the flank of the Dwarven snack to fix the Ironguts mess

AGGHHH!!! Stupid oafs – thinking with gut instead of head. Grotgut Flesheater blew his nose on the Bull next to him and cursed as the Ironguts somehow got killed by their meal, and the Ironblaster nearly suffered the same fate.

EAT, EAT, EAT!!!!!!! The battle cry of the Firepit clan went up from the Mournfang Cavalry as they charged into the flank of the Dwarven snack that had driven off the Ironblaster – this at least had managed to rally itself. As was expected the Dwarfs stood no chance and the Mournfang ran over them as though they weren’t even there. Charging forward to feast on the few fleeing Dwarfs who remained alive the Mournfang went a little too far and exposed their flank to the other Dwarf regiment.
Mournfang overrun to far and expose their flank

UGGHH!!! The Dwarfs prove to be a tougher snack than expected and 2 of the 3 Mournfang stupidly manage to get themselves killed by their food. But they at least give the rest of the Clan a chance to enjoy the meal as Grotgut, the clans Bulls and the Ironblaster surround, charge into and wipe out the stubborn Dwarfs.

Another glorious victory for the clan and a good meal too, albeit a little tougher than expected.
A good way to start where things went pretty much how I had planned, the random deployment of Dawn Attack giving me an added boost in the placement of the Mournfang on a flank away from the Organ Gun. The Ironblaster worked a treat and the Mournfang were just brutal. 

Final Result – Major Victory 15-5 
Ogre VP – 1449 
Dwarf VP – 423 

GAME 2 vs. Skaven
Scenario – Meeting Engagement
First Turn – Ogres

The morning after the Grotgut Flesheater and the Ogres of the Firepit Clan had finished their Dwarven meal their breakfast (consisting of a few leftover Dwarfs and some random sheep) was rudely interrupted by a pack of dirty looking rat things. Grotgut recognised them as Skaven, horrible dirty creatures worse than Gnoblars, definitely inedible and prone to fighting when they should be eating.
Damn rats interupt our breakfast.... GRRR

This lot seemed stupider than normal no-one interrupts an Ogre when he is eating and soon a unit of Firepit Bulls was charging headlong at a small wood where a group of Gutter Runners had shown themselves.
Firepit Clan Bulls see off the Gutter Runners
Killing most of them and forcing the rest to flee the Bulls continued their charge toward the rest of the Skaven force aiming straight for a large Warp Lightning Cannon which being rather shiny proved to be an irresistible target for them.
Following the example of the Bulls the rest of the Clan advance

Meanwhile the rest of the Firepit Clan had also charged forward so rapidly in fact that Grotgut and his bodyguard of Bulls had been left lagging behind. The Ironblaster didn’t help his mood either when the sound of its discharging shot scared away they sheep he had been saving for lunch – the fact that it managed to obliterate a Skaven Doomwheel was not, Grotgut, thought much compensation for a lost meal.
Time to charge!!!!!!!
Perhaps being left behind wasn’t a bad thing after all – that damn Warp Lightning Cannon and more Lightning from a Skaven mage managed to BBQ one of the Mournfang before they and the Ironguts could get close enough to charge the Skaven infantry.

Crunch time!!!!

ARGHGH!!! The Firepit Ironguts and the surviving Mournfang crashed into the Storm Vermin acting as the bodyguard for the Skaven General and Battle Standard Bearer. Their impact killed several of the rats instantly but before Ogre weapons could be brought to bear the faster Skaven infantry began to carve deep wounds into the Firepit Clan Ogres.

Bye Bye Warp Lightning Cannon
Into the flank go the other rats - Grotgut is not happy.
Grotgut was definitely in a bad mood now – those stupid Ironguts had managed to get themselves killed when they not only failed to wipe out the Storm Vermin to the front of them, but then let the Skaven Clan Rats charge them in the flank. To top it off the Clan Battle Standard Bearer decided to run away, thinking he could move as fast as a Mournfang – he couldn’t and died when he tripped, fell and impaled himself on his own standard. In the end only one Irongut got away. But at least on the other side of the battle the other Bulls had managed to kill that annoying Warp Lightning Cannon.


Grotgut decided he was going to have to do it all himself – the other Bulls had now been killed by the Gutter Runners after they stopped to examine the pretty baubles and shiny metal bits on the destroyed Warp Lightning Cannon – and his unit was now the only one still intact on the battlefield.

Roaring in anger Grotgut and his accompanying Bulls hit the Storm Vermin with massive force (D3 impact hits each resulting in 10 hits and 8 wounds) and a mass of Rats were stomped into the ground as the Ogres charged through and over them.

In the melee that followed the remaining Storm Vermin were killed and the Skaven General only just managed to flee out of range of Grotgut and his Bulls. But Grotguts sense of victory was short lived. The Skaven Gutter Runners soon started raining missile fire down on the remaining Ogres and the damned Skaven Mage kept throwing Warp Lightning and Scorching Fire at them as well.

The few surviving members of the Firepit Clan try and hide
Grotgut and the few remaining Ogres decided that survival was the best option and spent the rest of the battle running away from Skaven missile fire and magic. Eventually the Rats got tired of chasing them and the few remaining Firepit Ogres limped back to their camp – Grotgut immunity to poison the only thing keeping him alive at the end of the battle.

Final Result – Narrow Win 11-9 
Ogre VP 1068
Skaven VP 930

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