November 7, 2012

WIP - High Elf Prince on Griffon

Two nights and about 4 hours of painting and Im making a bit of progress on this model, still not quite sure where Im going with the Lion half of it - not helped by the slowly dwindling collection of paints (time for a trip to the local hobby store)...

... also going to be using this guy tomorrow night at the Club.

Process so far has been...
  • GW Khemri Brown over feathered areas and lion body as base coat
  • GW Codex Grey over head
  • GW Scorched brown over feet
  • GW Ogyrn Flesh Wash over brown feathered areas.
  • GW Badab Black over grey feathered areas.
  • GW Vomit Brown highlights on brown feathers
  • GW Fortress Grey highlights on grey feathers
  • Tamiya Desert Yellow on beak and lower part of claws.
  • Standard armour painting process for Prince that I use on my other Elves
Won't get much more done till Sunday/Monday but hope to have him finished by end of next week.

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