November 29, 2012

Word Bearers inspiration

Started the process of painting my Word Bearers the other night giving them a base coat then alternating layers of Mechrite Red, Red Wash, Scab Red, Blood Red (drybrushed).

Gave one of the MkIII guys the full treatment highlights etc - but while he looks good from a distance close up its not that great; so much so that Im not going to post the pictures (using a new camera with 5x the resolution of my old one didnt help much either).  Overall, it turned out a little too light in terms of the red.

Inspiration wise I have drawn on a large number of sources but the main ones I am using are...

 I found these pictures on Flikr at the following link so full credit to a guy called Rovient.  These are simply awesome and are exactly what I am going to try and achieve.  Although after painting my models last night I have to say that the Forgeworld models are far better than the GW ones.  MkIII armour is more brutal an realistic than the curved smoothed look of the GW MkVII

Also got my copy of the key books on the Word Bearers in the post yesterday - the Omibus set post heresy and the First Heretic set during the Heresy.  Re-reading the first 4 books in the Horus Heresy series also gives you strong clues as to the important role the Word Bearers played in turning Horus over to Chaos and the strength of their religious zealotry - particularly Erebus.

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Vladdd309 said...

Some great work and inspiration. The Word Bearers series was pretty decent, but Dark Apostle was easily the best. First Heretic was excellent though (marred only by some dodgy dialogue.)