November 14, 2012

Word Bearers Legion

Spent last few days reading everything I could find on the Word Bearers my intended first step into 40k.  My principle focus is on narrowing down the types of figures I need to buy to complete my first tactical squad, and in particularly the type of Power Armour to go for.

I have a few options available - the most obvious route is to go with GW Space Marines these have the advantage of being cheaper NZ$73 for 10 but they come equipped with late era MkVII/VIII Power Armour rather than the Heresy era stuff required.

GW MkVII/VIII Power Armour equipped Space Marines

Heresy wise you have to shop at Forgeworld which has a wide selection of all the early Power Armour types.  Problem is they are more expensive 23 pounds for 5 figures without weapons.  Accuracy wise for the Word Bearers I can go with a mixture of three armour types:

MkIV - the main issue pre Heresy which, given the size of the Word Bearers, would still equip some units within the legion.
Forgeworld MkIV Legion Maximus Power Armour

MkV - Principle armour manufactured near the end of the Crusade and during the Heresy itself and the most common during the Heresy period.  Given the number of mechanicum members that joined the Heresy and its capture of the production facilities on Mars this is a valid option.
Forgeworld MkV Heresy Armour

MkVI Corvus - brought in to replace the MkV by providing a easier to manufacture option it was widely used, but was introduced later in the Heresy era. 

Forgeword MkVI Corvus Armour

Also considered earlier MkIII but wanted to build a force themed around the Legion during the Heresy, after it was revealed, rather than pre-Heresy - so I discounted this option.
Forgeworld MkIII Iron Armour

Weapons wise from my reading Ill need Phobus pattern Bolters and possibly the Umbra pattern but Im not quite sure about those as the novels suggest that Astartes hang onto trusted weapons for a long period of time so the Phobus bolters would still dominate any armoury.

Umbra pattern Bolters
Phobus pattern Bolters

Word Bearers Shoulder Pads

Finally Im also going to need some Word Bearer shoulder pads from GW, and a few Chain Swords from somewhere, because if there is one thing thats stood out about combat in the HH novels its the amount of hand to hand combat with Swords so I figure 4-6 Squad members will have them.

Start up purchases I'm looking at then will be with cost in pounds/dollars
  • 1 x MkIV Power armour (23)
  • 1 x MkV Power armour (23)
  • 1 x GW Word Bearers Shoulder Pads ($18)
  • 1 x Phobus pattern bolters (11)
  • 1 x MkIV Command upgrade kit (9)
  • 1 x Character Conversion kit (11)
Expensive vs. a single GW Marines kit at approx $160-170 all up but I feel like doing this right.  Just going to have a wait a few weeks though before I get starting ordering them.  Won't worry about the Shoulder pads initially as Ill try and paint them by hand to start with, if that doesnt work ill order some have no idea where ill get the Chainswords from.


Jossy said...

FYI the standard GW shoulder pads are MK VII varients and the style is different to MK IV. Have a look at the transfer sheets FW have instead, a much cheaper option and IMO a better finish.

Also, Mk II and Mk III armour was widely used in the heresy and crusade era so the early types are perfectly valid (Death Guard where and still are predominantly Mk III). Mk V armour only eventuated after the Heresy began.

John Murrie said...

Hmmm hadnt thought about that cheers for the heads up - so you think MkII-IV is a better fit then? Thats cool I like the old medieval style of the MkIII

Jossy said...

Yeah the fluff for the Mk III says it wasn't as widely distributed because it was designed for siege and assault work like ship to ship boarding actions, thus no legion was fully equipped with it. The Heresy Mk V was a reaction to the disrupted supply lines from the heresy and the need to make do, hence its a hodge podge of all sorts.

I dont know to much about the Word Bearers fluff but I can see the style of maintaining the older styles would suit them and the archaic/religious outlook.

Horus did ensure that the traitor legions had the best gear before the Heresy went public

Shadowmancer said...

It may be worth getting a few of the Grey Knights pads with the books on them for the army as the original symbol is a Book with a flame in it.

John Murrie said...

@ Shadow - good pt, im trying to narrow down a theme for the company I want to create. So whether its early Heresy or late will make the choice of shoulder pads and armour vary i suppose