December 11, 2012

2013 year of the Word Bearer 40k Ogre?!?

2013 is shaping up to be an interesting and action packed year for wargaming for me with a lot of tournaments throughout the year and an interesting new project in the shape of my 40k Word Bearers.

I managed to source the small soft cover 40k 6th ed rulebook a few weeks back and have been pouring over the rules.  Its definately a big change from WHFB but not that difficult to pick up as the rule set has some strong parallels with FOW and Warmachine e.g. unit movement, gone to ground and cover rules, individual character attributes, assault what you shoot at rules, and skirmish based melee.  Overall, I'm looking forward to giving it a go but until I get a copy of the 6th Ed Chaos Space Marine codex I am at a loss to figure out what, other than Tactical Marines, I need to source for my Word Bearers.

Anyway whats the plan for 2013....

Tournaments in 2013
so far its for a lot of tournaments 9 in fact including (assuming I earn enough brownie points to get spousal approval first) the 3 day National Convention in March.  All up I'm planning on attending the following.

NATCON - WHFB 2400pts (Ogres)

Runefang VI - WHFB 2400pts (Ogres)

Horned Rat VI - WHFB 2400pts (Ogres)

Panzershrek - FOW LW Doubles 2200pts (Fallschirmjager or US Paras)

Call to Arms - FOW LW 1750pts (Fallschirmjager)

Skitterleap - WHFB 2400pts (Ogres/Dwarfs)

Vermintide - WHFB 1200pts (Ogres)
Horus Heresy - WH30k 1500pts (Word Bearers)

As you can see my Dwarfs and High Elves are getting left on the shelf and Ill be concentrating on my Ogres for 2013, although I'll look at taking my Dwarfs to Skitterleap as I know Pete would love to see them.  High Elves might also get a look in at least once as there are rumours of a new book but who knows.  US Paras are my new FOW army for 2013 based around the new starter kit although I am to finish off my MW-DAK Panzer Company as well.  Also hoping that Bob organises another 1 day FOW event in Shannon to complement FRACAS something he hinted at this year.

Army Collections for 2013
The big project of course will be finishing 1500pts worth of Word Bearers in time for Petes campaign event in November, with the eventual aim of taking it to at least one 40k tournament the following year.  But other goals for 2013 are...

WHFB - Ogres
If I'm going to take these guys to NATCON I have to get some serious painting done - that includes finishing off 12 Bulls, buying another Butcher, getting a Firebelly and a Thundertusk (because I want one).  Also looking at 2 more Mournfang so I can run 2 units of 3 at 2400pts but we'll wait and see.  Final act will be to pick up a large picture frame which I can convert into a cheap but nice looking army display board.

WHFB - Dwarfs
Nothing much to do here except finish my Anvil of Doom and a unit of 20 Quarrellers.  But these are a very low priority.  My Dwarf collection and my 2400pt tournament list are pretty much set in stone (HA HA) and I am not planning on adding anything to my list anytime in the near future - unless a new book emerges with some major changes in it.

WHFB - High Elves
Have a huge backlog of painting here - 10 x Dragon Princes, 10 x Reavers, 28 x Spears, 5 x Phoenix Guard, 2 x Chariots.  Except for the Reavers and Spears these guys are, like my Dwarfs, not really a priority.

FOW - Fallschirmjager
Are all done and dusted and only need a couple of minor touch ups prior to tournament time to fix the odd paint chip.

FOW - LW Panzer Company
Have gone off these guys unfortunately - still have a large collection of PSC PzIV's but dont see my playing them anytime soon so its on the shelf gathering dust.  Will prob look at selling them later in the year.

FOW - MW DAK Panzer Company
Now this is a project worth completing but honestly they will be competing with everything else and my Fallschirmjager are stocked enough to give me a decent tournament army.  Still need another infantry Platoon, to finish painting the Nebs and want to grab a couple of 88s but then they're all done.

FOW - US Paras/Irish Guards
Ah the joys of plastic miniatures just like the Airfix/Matchbox stuff I played with as a kid 25+ years ago.  I'll do these guys slowly as a fun project.

40k/30k - Word Bearers
Aiming to get two tactical squads 20 guys in MkIII armour, and a command squad/veteran tactical squad in MkIV completed by March/April.  Also need to source a couple of decent figures to act as my Legion Praetor and Chaplain.  After that is Rhinos, Dreadnoughts and a unit of Cata Terminator armoured Marines but cost wise these are going to have to wait till end of the year (will most likely have to borrow models for Novembers event). 

All in all its going to be a busy year gaming wise... not sure how busy it will be at the club but heres hoping we pick up a few more WHFB members next year.


Simon Switzer said...

Gooday John, would you mind telling me where Panzershreck is being hosted. If it's in the Wellington/Palmy area, I would like to make it down, bring my Canadians along :D.


John Murrie said...

Its always held in Palmerston North as its run by our club. Doubles play so teams of 2 with 1100pts each.

Details available via FOW site

Simon Switzer said...

Thanks John, I'll put that down in my notebook/dairy.

Jeffrey Kent said...

Hey John, my first half of the year looks pretty similar to yours. Any interest in getting away to Hamilton for Over the Top in February?

Other than that I think we need to come up with an awesome team name and individual spirit animals.

Stumpy said...

Sorry mate but Wellington is the furtherest I can travel for events due to family.