December 30, 2012

30/40k Word Bearers Tactical Squad Complete

Finished (except for basing) last 10 of my first 15 Chaos Space Marines as part of the "Tale of X Gamers: The Horus Heresy Edition" project.  So far I've completed painting:
  • 5 x Forgeworld MkIII Legion Iron armoured Marines w. Phobos & GW Bolters
  • 5 x Forgeworld MkIV Legion armoured Marines w. Phobos & GW Bolters, FW MkIV Cmd upgrade set and Sergeant with GW Chainsword.
  • 5 x GW MkVII - Champion w. Bolt-Pistol & Chainsword
Also working on the background history to my army list to help with the creation of my list for the Horus Heresy campaign event in Nov 2013. Anyway here's A LOT of pictures of my recently completed stuff, have included all 3 model types for comparison.

One change made to later efforts has been paint scheme on Bolters.  Originally this was straight Bolt-Gun metal with Black Wash.  Now I've done parts in Metal, others in Codex Grey and then washed it and its turned out better.  Later efforts dont look as good as the original MkIII models because of the sculpts but also because I didnt write down my process (my usual practice) and couldnt replicate it for the MkIV and MkVII armoured guys.

From right to left - GW MkVII, Forgeworld MkIV and Forgeworld MKIII
Grey + Metal finish on left, straight metal finish on right


Pete Dunn said...

Champion John.

They are looking really nice.

What do you think you'll do next - Rhino? In "Betrayer" the Bearers made big use of Rhinos - crucifying Ultramarines on the vehicles

John Murrie said...

Thanks Pete - I have 10 more GW CSM on order to get that squad upto 15. After that it will be 10 more MkIII FW models and then a set of GW CSM Terminators.

Rhinos can wait a little while but I plan on getting a couple

John Murrie said...

But honestly Im not sure really