December 13, 2012

30k Word Bearers 1500pts v2 & what figure for the Praetor/Chaplain

Had a couple of tips from Bolter & Chainsword forum and last post - will do some more reading today and have modified my list from yesterday hoping to add some more suitable anti-vehicle capable heavy weapons. 
Legion Praetor - 125pts
w. Artificer armour, Frag & krak, Volkite Charger, Plasma Pistol, Chainsword

Command Squad - 155pts
w. Chosen - Chainsword, Power Weapon, Bolter; Chosen - Plasma Pistol, Bolter, Chainsword; Chosen - Chainsword, Volkite Charger, Bolt-Pistol; Std. Bearer

Tactical Squad - 235pts
w. 15 x Marines, Vox, Vex, Chainswords, Bolt-Pistols, Sergeant w. Powerfist

Tactical Squad - 230pts
w. 15 x Marines, Vox, Vex, Bolters & Bolt-Pistols, Sergeant w. Plasma Weapon

Apothecary - 80pts
w. Scanner, Volkite Charger, Artificer Armour

Apothecary - 80pts
w. Scanner, Volkite Charger, Artificer Armour

Terminators - 235pts
w. 5 x Terminators, 1 x Plasma Blaster

Dreadnought Talon - 175pts
w. Plasma Cannon, 2 x HK Missiles, Twin-Bolter with Chainfist, Extra Armour

Dreadnought Talon - 185pts
w. Plasma Blaster, 2 x HK Missiles, Bolter w. Siege wrecker, Extra Armour

TOTAL 1,500pts

One thing I will be sticking with is the idea of two LTS one focused on close combat so Chainswords and Pistols, one that is more standoff-ish.  With that in mind Ill be searching for some CSM bits particularly Chainswords and Bolt-Pistols to modify my next purchase of Forgeworld MkIII.   Next purchases post Christmas from Forgeworld are going to be these guys
MkIV armoured command squad to go with the 5 MkIV I already have.


2 sets of these guys MkIII Legion Iron armoured Marines
 Big issue I am facing now is what figures to I get to create my Praetor and a Dark Apostle/Chaplain suitable for the HH era?  Do I go with GW Space Marine or CSM figures or the Forgeworld Champion as a Praetor???


Tokunator said...

Terminators can only choose one of the heavy weapons total per 5, so your unit has to get rid of two of them to be legal.

For the rest, your praetor should have a power sword or better to get through armour. Currently 2/3 of his wounding hits will bounce off marines. Having two guns is a bit pointless as he can only fire one per round. He does not gain the Strength or AP of the Plasma Pistol in hand-to-hand, just a bonus attack with his normal S4.

John Murrie said...

Cheers for advice very much appreciated