December 19, 2012

Battlefront FOW Open Fire Starter Set for the Win!!!

The Manawatu Duellists (my local club) had its last night of the year last Thursday and as well as a great game of WHFB (Ogres vs. Beasts - Report up tomorrow) we also had a little swap meet were we exchanged various elements of the new Battlefront starter set for FOW - Open Fire.  Through the clubs contacts we were able to get a slight discount on the set and a large number of us took up the offer.
 Battlefront have done themselves proud with this set.  The free give away of the small v3 rulebook was a stroke of genius and the new plastic sculpts coming out are simply outstanding.  They have gone one further with this new starter set and compared to GW IoB or the old BfSP sets its light years ahead.  Each set gives you (all in plastic):
  • 6 Shermans
  • 2 Sherman Fireflys
  • 3 StuGs
  • 2 Pak 40s
  • 2 Platoons of PzGrenadiers (73 figures)
  • 1 Platoon of US Paras (32 figurea s)
  • a V1 rocket on launcher
  • A small v3 Rulebook (meaning I can get this one bound professionally, unlike my first copy which got rough treatment at the hands of some 18yr shop assistant)
  • Flat cardboard terrain features (4 forests, a village and some walls)
  • US and German tokens e.g. dug in, pinned etc.
  • US and German dice.
  • Army briefings for a US Para Platoon, British Armoured Company and PzGrenadier company.
  • Easy to follow instructions for assembling everything.
  • Magnets for building the tanks.
And to top it all off because of delays caused by New Zealand customs Battlefront have also decided to give away a free book with each set sold, in my case I opted for "Know your Enemy". 

As I have enough Germans I decided to keep the Shermans and US Paras with the aim of building a US Parachute/Irish Guards list from Hells Highway to complement my Fallschirmjager built from the same briefing.

The club swap meet saw me give Tom all of my German stuff (except for the V1 which I wanted to keep) for all of his Shermans and Paras.  So for the grand sum of $85 I now have approx 1800-2000pts of:
  • 12x Shermans
  • 4 x Sherman Fireflys
  • 2 x Platoons of US Paras
Not bad at all... going to keep me busy over the School Holidays while Im at home with my oldest, and brings back memories of building Airfix and Matchbox models 25+ years ago as a kid.

In the interests of balance I have to point out the one and only negative with the Starter Set and thats that the infantry figures - German, US and British tank commanders - all came on the same sprues making it hard to tell them apart.  There was a letter coding system for them but I only noticed that after I had finished clipping them all out, but it would have been simplier I think for BF to put the Allied guys on one sprue and the Germans on another.

That being said the sculpts are great - not 100% perfect - but pretty damn good, and the new slotted bases are excellent.

My final haul!!!!


Runeflames said...

Very cool. I'm eyeing up a box set myself, except I collect russians. Maybe just for the rulebook

Anonymous said...

Hey John, I am moving down from Tauranga in the new year, so will be keen to get some info about the club. I will get your contact deals of Pete Dunn...

John Murrie said...

Sounds good - local club starts up again in Feb but ill put you onto the regular gamers. Youll get an out of office reply from my email but ignore it as Im checking it 24/7