December 29, 2012

Chaos Space Marines Codex: First Impressions

Recieved my copy of the 6th Edition Chaos Space Marines codex in the mail yesterday.  Vagabond games were having a Boxing Day sale and I couldnt help myself.  Extremely impressed with the delivery time to, I placed the order on Thursday afternoon and the book arrived by Courier on Friday morning. 

Spent most of last night reading it while watching the HRV Cup (Domestic 20/20 cricket for the non-NZers out there) and its a very impressive piece of work.  Initial impressions though are that compared to WHFB and FOW its also extremely complicated.  The number of special rules in 40k is huge and the nature of skirmish games is such that unit rules/composition are equally complicated.  Its going to take me a while to figure everything out but the artwork especially has already given me some solid ideas as has the fluff.

Overall 30/40k is going to be fun departure from WHFB & FOW and I'm looking forward to spending some time over the next 12 months building up my 30k 1500pt Word Bearers and eventually a Word Bearer themed 40k list.  I think sorting out some fluff for my army is going to be a good starting point and at this stage I am considering theming the army around an independent Word Bearers company that post-heresy became separated from the rest of the legion.  This will allow me leeway to include HH era Forgeworld models (for the original HH era company) and GW models (for corrupted Space Marine chapters added to the company's roster over time).

Also interesting to note the differences between Forgeworlds army composition rules and those of the later GW codex particularly the absence of the command squad - which isnt in the new codex (unless I missed something) and of course all the daemons. 

Would also like to welcome NZ WHFB Masters player Hamish Forbes to my part of the country - an Ogre/Orc player Hamish and his family are in the process of moving down here and Im looking forward to seeing him at our local club once he's settled.  It will certainly shake things up....

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Anonymous said...

not a masters player this year unfortunately... I received the invite but had to turn it down for family reasons! apologies for the misunderstanding