December 12, 2012

First 30k list - Word Bearers 1500pts HELP?!?

Working on my 1500pt Word Bearer list with the intent of fielding an army at Pete Dunns Horus Heresy campaign weekend in November 2013.  Getting the list right now also means I can plan out a purchase and painting strategy for next year in terms of the models/units I need.

However having never played 40k let alone its specialised 30k variant I have absolutely NO IDEA what a competitive list looks like, even the weapons still confuse me - despite lots of time perusing the rulebook - but I've put together something that (a) I like the look of and (b) seems to follow the relevant Word Bearers fluff i.e no demons or cultists.

But any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated....

Word Bearers 1500pts - Horus Heresy 30k army list
Sourcebook - Forgeworld Horus Heresy Vol 1

Legion Praetor - 122pts
w. Lightning Claw, Bolt Pistol, Bolter

Centurion/Chaplain - 97pts
w. Terminator Armour, Croxis Arcanum, Volkite Charger, Lightning Claw

Command Squad - 175pts
w. 4 Chosen & 1 Standard Bearer + Rhino

Legion Tactical Squad - 220pts
w. 9 Marines w.Chainswords, Nunciovox, Vexilla, Sergeant w. Powerfist, Rhino

Legion Tactical Squad - 220pts
w. 9 Marines, Nunciovox, Vexilla, Sergeant w. Powerfirst, Rhino

Terminator Squad - 205pts
w. 5 Terminators, 1 x Heavy Flamer, 1 x Autocannon, Lightning Claw

Apothecarion detachment - 110pts
w. 2 x Apothecaries, 2 x Augury Scanners, 2 x Volkite Chargers

Contemptor Dreadnoughts x 2 - 350pts

TOTAL 1,499pts


Adam Jones said...

Hi there. We've met a couple of times through a mutual friend (Nick Jowett). Nick and I are both into 40k (when he's not into WoW) so we can give you a game if need be. A good place to start for space marine advice is bolter & chainsword if you haven't checked it already. I do have some pointers for you, but just be aware that these are my own opinions.
Firstly give your sarge's power weapons. If they get challenged they will be killed without being able to strike back. This has just occured with 6th ed.
Secondly i recommend only having 1 commander at 1500pts. You have too many points in HQ's for such a low level of points. At 2000 pts having a second HQ is all good.
Thirdly i personally love command squads and i love to take them for astarte armies, however there has been some discussion about not having these for 30k armies.
I'm not too sure about the rhinos as they are considered a bit of a waste of points in 6th edition unless you have lots of them. I personally would get rid of them and increase the size of the tactical squads. Also i would get a tactical support squad with either volkite charger's or plasma guns with and apothocary providing feel no pain support.
Take this advice with a grain of salt and try jacking up a game with Nick!
Cheers Adam

John Murrie said...

Thanks Adam much appreciated - ill make some adjustments and get hold of Nick