December 7, 2012

Horus Heresy: The First Heretic & building a Word Bearer List

Finished another book in the Horus Heresy series last night - The First Heretic which detailed the fall of the Word Bearers legion, quite relevant to my little 30k project. 

Was really looking forward to this after books 5-7 proved to be a bit BLAH.  It started off well, good writing nice story line focusing on the Emperor admonishing the entire Legion and Lorgar (under Ultramarine escort) for their failure to pursue the Crusade fast enough and the sin of faith.  Also enjoyed the discussion around Lorgars thinking about the Emperor and the Pilgramage he and elements of the Word Bearers took to find a new faith - finding instead the Great Eye or Warp Storm and a link to Chaos. 

Problem is at that point just as the story got interesting, just as the first Word Bearer Astartes were becoming corrupted by the Warp and possessed by the Daemons that lived there it fell flat.  While I couldnt put the book down for the first 3/4 of it I ended up flicking through the final 50 pages or so skim reading until the very end.  Still a good read but not as good as I had hoped or as the earlier books - Horus Rising and Galaxy in Flames for example I've reached several times each now still enjoying them each time.

Did get some good ideas/hints about the Word Bearers though and army construction for the Horus Heresy:
  • The principle armour used by the legion appears to be MkIII.
  • Power/Chain Swords and close combat are a key part of the Legions tactics.
  • Each company operates with a dedicated cohort of Mechanicum warmachines, these stay with that company permanently, reside on the same warship and are often inducted into the Legion/Company.  This gives me some solid ideas about what sort of machines to get.
  • Daemon possessed Marines were part of the Legion before the dropzone massacre on Istavaan V (or V or was it III)
  • Chaplains seemed to wear Black Armour rather than the standard Crimson/Red.
More painting for me to do and some more MkIII from Forgeworld after Christmas

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