December 14, 2012

Isabella von Carstein - Finecast vs. Metal

Finished a little side project the other night, painting up the new finecast version of Isabella von Carstein for a club mates Vampire Count army.  Found it pretty interesting as the old GW Metal version of Isabella is the only model from my previously quite large VC collection that I kept when I sold it all approx. two years ago. 
Finecast version of Isabella von Carstein

The two models are quite different the facial features on the new model are far more refined and life like although it was much harder to paint the eyes and mouth on the finecast version.  Metal Isabella is also bigger and I guess not as lady like as Finecast Isabella although I prefer the extra detailing on Metal Isabella more e.g. bones, skulls and additional layers of clothing. 


Finecast on the left - GW Metal on the right
Colour scheme wise the models are different as Reagan wanted his Isabella to be purple whereas my Vampire Counts were dominated by a red colour scheme, that and i wanted to make her seem less alive than the metal version hence the grey vs. normal coloured skin.

Personally I'd prefer the Finecast figure to have a dress like the original metal version but it looks Ok either way.


Mike Howell said...

Thank you. I didn't realize any of the finecast models were different sculpts than the old metals at this point. Good info.

Fern and Sam said...

The metal one is not Isabella it's just a female vampire lord.

John Murrie said...

@ Fern - really?!? Always thought it was Isabella - am aware of the old 4th/5th edition model used for her, thought this was the update

Runeflames said...

Yep it's always been just a plain Vampire lord.

Nothing stopping you running her as Isabella though.