December 5, 2012

Word Bearers 30k Tactical Squad completed

Managed to sneak in more painting time last night and get the entire squad of 5 MkIII equipped Word Bearers finished up.  3 are armed with Forgeworld Phobos pattern bolters and 2 with Bolters from the GW Chaos Space Marines set and bolt pistols in holsters.

Roman numerals on the shoulder pads are hand painted (still need some touch ups under the magnifying glass but they look ok from a distance). They still need some touch ups here and there - mostly as taking photos of them tends to show up a lot of the imperfections - but overall Im pretty happy with my first attempt at 40k painting.

Next pictures are the Forgeworld MkIV Legion armoured Marines.  The 5 figures include 2 with the Forgeworld MkIV commmand upgrade - two different heads and a radio/vox backpack thing (assume thats correct).  I've also given them GW Bolt Pistols in holsters, 2 of them standard GW Bolters and modified the Sergeant to carry a standard GW Chain Sword.


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Darth Weasel said...

honestly, not sure touching up will improve them; they look "weathered with battle damage" in the pics, and I think that is what you are going for. nice work mate