January 31, 2013

Ogre Kingdoms army list for NZ Team Champs

Two weeks until the NZ WHFB Team Champs and my team mates and I are fairly settled on what we are taking, although the Dwarf list is still taking shape.  Our team - so far nameless - is:
  • Bo Patterson - Lizards with kitted out Slann, Saurus and the usual Skink horde.
  • Stu Robinson - Beasts with standard core hordes and a lot of fast movers & heavy hitters.
  • Matthew Hassell - Dwarfs making use of the lack of restrictions on anti-magic plus all the usual good stuff.
  • Me - with my Ogres...
As the lists are all due today I thought it a reasonable time to post what I'm taking for my Ogre Kingdoms its essentially everything I own plus 3 of Bo's Mournfang.

2400pts Ogre Kingdoms

w. Level 4 upgrade, Armour of Silvered Steel, Luck Stone, Ironfist, Ironcurse Icon, Dispel Scroll

w. Battle Standard, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Striking, Ruby Ring of Ruin

9 x Ironguts
w. Full command, Standard of Discipline, Lookout Gnoblar

8 x Bulls
w. Full command, Ironfists

8 x Bulls
w. Full command, Ironfists

4 x Leadbelchers
w. Bellower

3 x Mournfang
w. Full command, Heavy Armour, Ironfists, Banner of Eternal Flame

3 x Mournfang
w. Full command, Heavy Armour, Ironfists


TOTAL 2,398pts

I ran this through the Swedish Comp System that Joel posted on his blog a few days ago.  Its a pretty horrible and inconsistent system but still an interesting exercise which scored the list above a 8.8 which makes it competitive.  What I really found interesting though was that my High Elf list from last years WHFB events came in at 7.8 which makes it technically harder?!?  Not sure about that.

Anyway the above list is going to be fun to play - ideally would like a Firebelly in there but I don't own one yet nor do I have any Sabretusks which will definately cause me issues.  But its going to be fun crashing into people with the Mournfang.

January 30, 2013

WIP - Word Bearers Dreadnought & Ogre Bulls

Pretty much finished the first of two Dreadnoughts for my Word Bearers HH era force.  Using standard GW Dreadnought models rather than Forgeworld Contemptor or GW Hellbrute models because (a) they were cheap and (b) they fit the fluff. 

Also had to get started on finishing off my remaining Ogre Bulls as I need them for the WHFB NZ Team Championships on Feb 16th/17th.  Trying something a little bit different on both models with the metallic areas by using non-metallic paints to get a slightly different look.  Seems to work and I like the look.

Once these guys are done its onto my Dark Apostle, Terminator armoured Chaos Lord and another unit of GW Chaos Space Marines.

January 24, 2013

Sandbagged British Shermans

Finally finished assembling and undercoating all 16 of my Open Fire British/Canadian Shermans last night.  Decided to give each of the 4 Platoons a slightly different look to make it easier to tell them apart.  Option no.1 is one Platoon kitted out with Sandbags as extra armour - while I know this wasnt standard British practice I think it looks cool so Im doing it :)  Sandbags are made out of standard GF9 greenstuff.  You just roll it out into a long thin snake flatten it a bit and then cut bits off the end using a flicking motion.  The final results are inconsistent in terms of size but that adds to the realism I think.

Once I figure out how to make the stuff Option no.2 will be a 2nd Platoon kitted out with Hessian Camo strips.


January 23, 2013

Off to the NZ WHFB Team Championships

Got a surprise email from Pete Dunn asking if I could compete in the New Zealand WHFB Team Championships in February.  To keep things nice and even he wanted a 10th team of 4 and needed another player or 2.  I didnt think I could make the event originally as it falls during cricket season and I tend to treat wargaming as winter sport.  But it was a hard invite to turn down and after getting things sorted at home I am now part of 4 man team along with:
  • Bo Patterson (Lizards)
  • Stu Robinson (Skaven, WOC or Beasts)
  • Matthew Hassel (Dwarfs)
I'll be taking Ogres and I think we'll have a fairly well balanced team once our lists are sorted and a team of good blokes too.  Now I just have to figure out an decent 2400pt Ogre army list using my somewhat limited range of models by January 31st and make an incredibly fast job of painting off my last 9 Bulls.

Tournament is February 16th/17th in Khandallah... going to be a great event, 10 teams, 40 players...

January 22, 2013

WIP - Word Bearers Dark Apostle & British Shermans

Finally got my Dark Apostle in the post the other day and started work on him last deciding to do a couple of minor modifications to him, precipitated by another wonderful failcast example.  Basically the sceptre in the Apostles right hand broke as soon as I touched it and the back-pack wouldnt fit onto the figure no matter how you tried to arrange it. 

So, I replaced the backpack with a backpack from a suit of Forgeworld MkIV Power Armour.  Chopped the right hand off, added a standard Chaos Marine one and gave the Apostle a Bolter to carry (not standard issue but I like it and I didnt have a Power Axe or anything handy).  The banners and extra bits that come attached to the standard Apostle backpack were removed and added to the modified model.  Long banners went onto the Bolter to make it look extra pretty and the bulky ones went on the bottom of the MkIV backpack.  Liquid green stuff was needed here and there to fill minor gaps.  The top of the original sceptre was glued to the top of the MkIV backpack as well.

Finally I hollowed out a MkIV helmet and stuck it on his left hand with the intent of painting it in Ultramarine colours as a trophy.  Now I'm thinking of taking it off (If I can) and hollowing it out still furthur and replacing the Apostles head with it - but not sure, all in all it looks Ok.

Also have 5 of my numerous Open Fire plastic Shermans and Sherman Fireflys assembled.  Like everyone else I had major problems getting the bits to fit finding that the tracks, always the right hand one, angled inward and that the hulls never seemed to fit properly either. Got them all done in the end but it a bit of carving work here and there, some bending (using my teeth) of some bits and a lot of Liquid Green Stuff.

January 14, 2013

Flames of War for the National Convention 2013

Logged on to see a plethora of posts from Kiwi WHFB bloggers about the upcoming deadline for early registration for NATCON the big 3 day tournament/convention 29th-31st March.  It was a deadline I had completely forgotten about so it was a nice reminder.

While I was planning on taking my Ogres to the event to compete in the WHFB competition I have decided against it for 2 reasons (1) the event allows special characters which I loathe and (2) it is also using the Warhammer Forge: Monstrous Arcanum rules which I am not interested in.  My only other alternative was Flames of War which I had initially rejected as the players pack didnt allow me to use Hells Highway, but thanks to Battlefronts release of the Market Garden compilation this week (already on order) I can now take my favourite Fallschirmjager list.

So with spousal approval granted (always necessary when you leave your wife at home with 3 kids for a long weekend of gaming) its time to start organising and touching up 1750pts of Late War Fallschirmjager for what should be a fantastic 3 day event. Or if I can get the OK from the organisers and a workable list is viable I might go with one of the PDF Gebirgsjager updates.

NATCON FOW Competition Link

Word Bearers Squad completed& next WIP

Basing and final work on first squad of my Word Bearers army was completed last night.  Completed one squad of 10 marines from one company and 1/2 a squad of 5 marines from another company. Only changes from previous pics are new basing, black left shoulder pads with company insignia and inclusion of Vexilla.

1st Squad


2nd Squad

Next project on the go is a Dreadnought I picked up cheap on Trade Me - arms detach so Ill get some other weapon options somewhere so I can modify it how I want.  Also bidding on another one to give me the two that I need.
And arriving in the post soon will be these guys who will form the command for my Word Bearers army in the 30k and 40k versions (the fluff will explain it all) a Dark Apostle and Lord in Terminator armour.

After that the next Squad to be completed with be an group of Assualt marines 5 in Forgeworld MkII armour and hopefully (depending on auction outcomes) 5 more in Standard GW Space Marine armour - again part of the fluff.

January 9, 2013

Flames of War in 2013

Spent a bit of time this afternoon viewing some of Battlefronts excellent video tutorials on the company's YouTube channel.  Among these of course is the fantastic Boot Camp series that goes through the new v3 rule set, but today my focus was on the Open Fire starter set.

A few days ago I glued both of my US Para platoons to their bases and got them undercoated ready to paint.  In a departure from my Fallschrimjager I've gone down the WFHB route and used basing sand from Slave to Painting rather than filler putty - principally as my filler had run out and I was impatient.  Also put together 2 of the 16 Shermans I now have as a result of our clubs recent swap meet.  Found them somewhat tricky as the bits didnt quite fit together properly, required some modification and both models ended up with gaps in them that I'll have to fill with GW Liquid Green Stuff.  But they look good and the magnets work a treat with the turrets - although I lost one bag so don't have enough of them to finish them off.

Battlefront as always is churning out regular product updates and if there is one range that I am definately looking forward to this year its the new compliation books (thats codex's/army books for the 40k & WHFB players out there).  Basically these are going to amalgamate individual briefings/codex's covering similar periods and/or theatres of war into single volumes with... and this is the best part... new material.

For me one compliation stands out as a MUST HAVE...the "Operation Market Garden" collection

My LW Fallschirmjager are based around the fantastic Hells Highway briefing and the Irish Guards/US Para lists in that same volume have also interested me since I first purchased it.  Whats more this new compliation brings Hells Highway in line historically and makes it far more accurate something I learned wasnt the case with HH when writing my companies historical account for Call to Arms last year.

The books out next week and Ill definately be getting it and using it as the inspiration for my US Para/Irish Guards lists which I plan to start the modelling work on soon.

It awaits to be seen what company I take to this years Tournament scene though - US Paras/British Armoured or Fallschirmjager

January 7, 2013

The importance of fluff to your wargaming

I've been struggling to get myself started on the large number of painting projects that I have backed up at the moment.  The list is very long (see blog sidebar) and covers my 7 different armies across 3 different gaming systems.  Many of these projects have been idle for sometime - my High Elves in particular - but lately the only thing I have been interested in painting have been my 40k Word Bearers. 

Why?  Because I am fully immersed in the FLUFF that is the 40k universe and the story of the Horus Heresy and Word Bearers.  Fluff wise I haven't read or looked at anything High Elf related in years (apart from a couple of Black Library novels) and my Dwarf fluff project Karak Thorinkin became idle 2 1/2 years ago. 

My Dwarven project was a fairly intense labour of love that evolved from the narrative/story based battle reports I started writing a few years back and which I really enjoy putting together.  My Dwarf army repainting project completed near the end of 2011 was driven by those stories and the fluff I had built up around my army.  It was the fluff whether from Black Library novels (the excellent Grudge Bearer in particular) and my own work (whether my other blog or narrative battle reports) that kept me focused on that repainting project and resulted in my best looking army.

FLUFF I have found is essential to wargaming because it keeps you interested in your army and the game.  It focuses you on what your doing and makes your models more than just lumps of plastic, resin or metal but characters with personality, history and a story of their own.  Painting, modelling and playing then becomes your way of getting immersed in that historical narrative becoming if you like "one with the fluff". 

In my mind if you dont like the fluff behind an army, if you cant immerse yourself in it and even write your own then the result will be an army that just sits around gathering dust.  Case in point are the 3 armies I sold over the last few years:  WHFB Vampire Counts, Fields of Glory 100 years war English & Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth.  In all 3 cases I wasn't invested in my armies, the characters or history of them and my rather extensive collections for all 3 went onto Trade Me at various times.

When your not playing an army fluff keeps you focused on that army e.g. I haven't used my Dwarfs in nearly a year but I would NEVER sell them as I just love them, the fluff and the persona that you can adopt when your a Dwarf player.  High Elves & Ogres fluff wise I am not as involved but the High Elves will also never go, and I have too much fun playing the Ogres not to hang onto them.  But if one of those 3 armies had to go it would be the Ogres as fluff wise they are just not as interesting to me as the other two.

Flames of War is the same.  Despite a lack of local games I retain all of my companys because I like the history - writing the unit history for my Fallschirmjager was a case in point.  US Paras and British Armoured represent two new companies but these I can link into the fluff of my Fallschirmjager basing all 3 around the Hells Highway source book.  My DAK company is much the same as I like the history of the North African campaign, but the LW Panzer Company will gather dust for a long time.

And finally there's my 40k Word Bearers - the fluff is just awesome.  I've already read 12/16 Horus Heresy books - although some were quite simply awful - and will happily collect, paint and build my 40k army even if I never play 40k - because of that fluff.

Some people buy models because they like the sculpts, they love to paint or they just cant help themselves.  I buy, keep and play them because I love the fluff behind them - if the fluff isnt there I wont touch the army, and if i do they wont stick around for long. 

How important is fluff to you?

January 2, 2013

Word Bearers Squad markings & army fluff

While the models I plan on getting for my Word Bearers army are still not finalised I at least have gotten the fluff behind them all sorted now.  While short the narrative is important as it will help frame the units I purchase, paint and the army list(s) I field in 30k and 40k games, so welcome to...

Chapter mark above left eye, Squad mark on left shoulder pad
 The "Blades of Corruption" of the XVII Legio Astartes owe their origins to the "Knights of Sacrifice" Chapter of that illustrious Legion.  Dishonoured by the Emperor amongst the ashes of Monarchia on the Planet Khur the 56th along with the rest of the Legion joined Lorgars great pilgramage to find a new truth.  Over the centuries that followed individual chapters within that legion sought their own path to enlightenment and the Knights of Sacrifice were no different.  Led by the 56th Company of the XVII Legion the Knights of Sacrifice ventured into the Imperium to bring the Word to those living under the false emperor.  In the Bablyonican system the Knights brought true compliane to the pitiful remnants of human civilisation on its 2 inhabitable worlds and established a new home from which their own version of the Word could be spread.  Some 1000 years later a Chapter of loyallist Space Marines the "Swords of Faith" tracked the Knights to the system in an attempt to destroy them.  They failed and sided with Chaos and the strengthened chapter renamed itself the "Blades of Corruption" to represent the merging of its pre and post heresy components.  Now 10,000 years after the Heresy the Blades of Corruption continue to spread the Word across the Imperium shining the truth of Chaos upon those under the sway of the False Emperor...

One thing I wanted this little back story to do was explain the origins of the equipment the Blades used, their tactics and the mixture of unit types e.g. MkIII vs. MkVII power armour, MkII armoured assault units vs. standard GW Chaos Raptors, early pattern Space Marine Dreadnoughts vs. Hellbrutes.
Blades of Corruption Tactical with Squad marking on left shoulder

The origin of the Squad mark
Part of the fluff includes the use of a Chapter Symbol above the left eye of every model and Squad markings on the left shoulder guard.  The squad markings I am taking directly from history specifically the Divisional shields of the WW2 Waffen SS, those that I feel I can replicate free hand anyway.  The Chapter Symbol is rather simple an arc with 3 lines out of it - symbolising not much really except that it was easy to do and looks OK.  You can see the final results, and the basing I've decided to go with in these pictures.