January 14, 2013

Flames of War for the National Convention 2013

Logged on to see a plethora of posts from Kiwi WHFB bloggers about the upcoming deadline for early registration for NATCON the big 3 day tournament/convention 29th-31st March.  It was a deadline I had completely forgotten about so it was a nice reminder.

While I was planning on taking my Ogres to the event to compete in the WHFB competition I have decided against it for 2 reasons (1) the event allows special characters which I loathe and (2) it is also using the Warhammer Forge: Monstrous Arcanum rules which I am not interested in.  My only other alternative was Flames of War which I had initially rejected as the players pack didnt allow me to use Hells Highway, but thanks to Battlefronts release of the Market Garden compilation this week (already on order) I can now take my favourite Fallschirmjager list.

So with spousal approval granted (always necessary when you leave your wife at home with 3 kids for a long weekend of gaming) its time to start organising and touching up 1750pts of Late War Fallschirmjager for what should be a fantastic 3 day event. Or if I can get the OK from the organisers and a workable list is viable I might go with one of the PDF Gebirgsjager updates.

NATCON FOW Competition Link


Simon Switzer said...

The special character thing bugs me as well John to much silli bullcrap rules if you ask me. But hey, at least they didn't ban Thorek!

Also when Pete runs his next event (May sometime I think) I'm still quite keen on getting as much Dwarfs in there as possible!

John Murrie said...

Thats exactly why Im not playing WHFB at the event as much I would like to. The special character rules, the inclusion of the magic stuff, and WD updates just makes it too damn complex and pushes the event too far in favour of certain gamers.

I prefer Petes events - simple comp, standard ruleset, fun games good company.

lap1964 said...

Have you had a look at BbB yet? As VDH can join the 3rd FJ Div.

John Murrie said...

Whats BbB? Taking VDH with the 3rd would be a great option - waiting on my MG compilation to turn up

Scott said...

Best of luck in the tournie. I look forward to your report.

John Murrie said...

Cheers - you not planning on entering then?

lap1964 said...

BbB =Bridge by Bridge