January 9, 2013

Flames of War in 2013

Spent a bit of time this afternoon viewing some of Battlefronts excellent video tutorials on the company's YouTube channel.  Among these of course is the fantastic Boot Camp series that goes through the new v3 rule set, but today my focus was on the Open Fire starter set.

A few days ago I glued both of my US Para platoons to their bases and got them undercoated ready to paint.  In a departure from my Fallschrimjager I've gone down the WFHB route and used basing sand from Slave to Painting rather than filler putty - principally as my filler had run out and I was impatient.  Also put together 2 of the 16 Shermans I now have as a result of our clubs recent swap meet.  Found them somewhat tricky as the bits didnt quite fit together properly, required some modification and both models ended up with gaps in them that I'll have to fill with GW Liquid Green Stuff.  But they look good and the magnets work a treat with the turrets - although I lost one bag so don't have enough of them to finish them off.

Battlefront as always is churning out regular product updates and if there is one range that I am definately looking forward to this year its the new compliation books (thats codex's/army books for the 40k & WHFB players out there).  Basically these are going to amalgamate individual briefings/codex's covering similar periods and/or theatres of war into single volumes with... and this is the best part... new material.

For me one compliation stands out as a MUST HAVE...the "Operation Market Garden" collection

My LW Fallschirmjager are based around the fantastic Hells Highway briefing and the Irish Guards/US Para lists in that same volume have also interested me since I first purchased it.  Whats more this new compliation brings Hells Highway in line historically and makes it far more accurate something I learned wasnt the case with HH when writing my companies historical account for Call to Arms last year.

The books out next week and Ill definately be getting it and using it as the inspiration for my US Para/Irish Guards lists which I plan to start the modelling work on soon.

It awaits to be seen what company I take to this years Tournament scene though - US Paras/British Armoured or Fallschirmjager

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Simon Switzer said...

Hopefully the Canadian Armoured Squadron thats in there is Conf-Vets, see as they progressed their skill through the Normandy campaign.

Then my little Canucks won't die so damn much.