January 23, 2013

Off to the NZ WHFB Team Championships

Got a surprise email from Pete Dunn asking if I could compete in the New Zealand WHFB Team Championships in February.  To keep things nice and even he wanted a 10th team of 4 and needed another player or 2.  I didnt think I could make the event originally as it falls during cricket season and I tend to treat wargaming as winter sport.  But it was a hard invite to turn down and after getting things sorted at home I am now part of 4 man team along with:
  • Bo Patterson (Lizards)
  • Stu Robinson (Skaven, WOC or Beasts)
  • Matthew Hassel (Dwarfs)
I'll be taking Ogres and I think we'll have a fairly well balanced team once our lists are sorted and a team of good blokes too.  Now I just have to figure out an decent 2400pt Ogre army list using my somewhat limited range of models by January 31st and make an incredibly fast job of painting off my last 9 Bulls.

Tournament is February 16th/17th in Khandallah... going to be a great event, 10 teams, 40 players...

1 comment:

Jeffrey Kent said...

I'm jealous I can't make this event. Do Manawatu proud John. Also happy to help you work out an Ogre list.