January 24, 2013

Sandbagged British Shermans

Finally finished assembling and undercoating all 16 of my Open Fire British/Canadian Shermans last night.  Decided to give each of the 4 Platoons a slightly different look to make it easier to tell them apart.  Option no.1 is one Platoon kitted out with Sandbags as extra armour - while I know this wasnt standard British practice I think it looks cool so Im doing it :)  Sandbags are made out of standard GF9 greenstuff.  You just roll it out into a long thin snake flatten it a bit and then cut bits off the end using a flicking motion.  The final results are inconsistent in terms of size but that adds to the realism I think.

Once I figure out how to make the stuff Option no.2 will be a 2nd Platoon kitted out with Hessian Camo strips.


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