January 22, 2013

WIP - Word Bearers Dark Apostle & British Shermans

Finally got my Dark Apostle in the post the other day and started work on him last deciding to do a couple of minor modifications to him, precipitated by another wonderful failcast example.  Basically the sceptre in the Apostles right hand broke as soon as I touched it and the back-pack wouldnt fit onto the figure no matter how you tried to arrange it. 

So, I replaced the backpack with a backpack from a suit of Forgeworld MkIV Power Armour.  Chopped the right hand off, added a standard Chaos Marine one and gave the Apostle a Bolter to carry (not standard issue but I like it and I didnt have a Power Axe or anything handy).  The banners and extra bits that come attached to the standard Apostle backpack were removed and added to the modified model.  Long banners went onto the Bolter to make it look extra pretty and the bulky ones went on the bottom of the MkIV backpack.  Liquid green stuff was needed here and there to fill minor gaps.  The top of the original sceptre was glued to the top of the MkIV backpack as well.

Finally I hollowed out a MkIV helmet and stuck it on his left hand with the intent of painting it in Ultramarine colours as a trophy.  Now I'm thinking of taking it off (If I can) and hollowing it out still furthur and replacing the Apostles head with it - but not sure, all in all it looks Ok.

Also have 5 of my numerous Open Fire plastic Shermans and Sherman Fireflys assembled.  Like everyone else I had major problems getting the bits to fit finding that the tracks, always the right hand one, angled inward and that the hulls never seemed to fit properly either. Got them all done in the end but it a bit of carving work here and there, some bending (using my teeth) of some bits and a lot of Liquid Green Stuff.


Scott said...

Sorry to hear the Shermans were so difficult to put together.

I must confess to no such problems with the PSC ones...

Simon Switzer said...

The Shermans look really nice.

The new Canadian rules from Market Garden kick some major ass. Cautious movement and Eyes and ears for the Sherman Recce platoons, and the FF's got at 15 now with there new APC rounds.

Old Fogey said...

Wow, looks like you had some serious problems with assembly here. I often think that we gamers have never had it so good with the masses of choice and quality available these days, so basic bad product flaws like these are really annoying and should be rare. Oh well, you have got through the worst and can look forward to the painting. Have fun!

John Murrie said...

Things can never be perfect with anything thats mass produced even when the sculptingis as good as BF is.

I had issues with PSC Panzer IV's especially the tracks and side skirts. Of the two products PSC had the better quality moulding but BF the better overall product - especially with the range of options you got with each model.