January 30, 2013

WIP - Word Bearers Dreadnought & Ogre Bulls

Pretty much finished the first of two Dreadnoughts for my Word Bearers HH era force.  Using standard GW Dreadnought models rather than Forgeworld Contemptor or GW Hellbrute models because (a) they were cheap and (b) they fit the fluff. 

Also had to get started on finishing off my remaining Ogre Bulls as I need them for the WHFB NZ Team Championships on Feb 16th/17th.  Trying something a little bit different on both models with the metallic areas by using non-metallic paints to get a slightly different look.  Seems to work and I like the look.

Once these guys are done its onto my Dark Apostle, Terminator armoured Chaos Lord and another unit of GW Chaos Space Marines.

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