January 14, 2013

Word Bearers Squad completed& next WIP

Basing and final work on first squad of my Word Bearers army was completed last night.  Completed one squad of 10 marines from one company and 1/2 a squad of 5 marines from another company. Only changes from previous pics are new basing, black left shoulder pads with company insignia and inclusion of Vexilla.

1st Squad


2nd Squad

Next project on the go is a Dreadnought I picked up cheap on Trade Me - arms detach so Ill get some other weapon options somewhere so I can modify it how I want.  Also bidding on another one to give me the two that I need.
And arriving in the post soon will be these guys who will form the command for my Word Bearers army in the 30k and 40k versions (the fluff will explain it all) a Dark Apostle and Lord in Terminator armour.

After that the next Squad to be completed with be an group of Assualt marines 5 in Forgeworld MkII armour and hopefully (depending on auction outcomes) 5 more in Standard GW Space Marine armour - again part of the fluff.

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