January 2, 2013

Word Bearers Squad markings & army fluff

While the models I plan on getting for my Word Bearers army are still not finalised I at least have gotten the fluff behind them all sorted now.  While short the narrative is important as it will help frame the units I purchase, paint and the army list(s) I field in 30k and 40k games, so welcome to...

Chapter mark above left eye, Squad mark on left shoulder pad
 The "Blades of Corruption" of the XVII Legio Astartes owe their origins to the "Knights of Sacrifice" Chapter of that illustrious Legion.  Dishonoured by the Emperor amongst the ashes of Monarchia on the Planet Khur the 56th along with the rest of the Legion joined Lorgars great pilgramage to find a new truth.  Over the centuries that followed individual chapters within that legion sought their own path to enlightenment and the Knights of Sacrifice were no different.  Led by the 56th Company of the XVII Legion the Knights of Sacrifice ventured into the Imperium to bring the Word to those living under the false emperor.  In the Bablyonican system the Knights brought true compliane to the pitiful remnants of human civilisation on its 2 inhabitable worlds and established a new home from which their own version of the Word could be spread.  Some 1000 years later a Chapter of loyallist Space Marines the "Swords of Faith" tracked the Knights to the system in an attempt to destroy them.  They failed and sided with Chaos and the strengthened chapter renamed itself the "Blades of Corruption" to represent the merging of its pre and post heresy components.  Now 10,000 years after the Heresy the Blades of Corruption continue to spread the Word across the Imperium shining the truth of Chaos upon those under the sway of the False Emperor...

One thing I wanted this little back story to do was explain the origins of the equipment the Blades used, their tactics and the mixture of unit types e.g. MkIII vs. MkVII power armour, MkII armoured assault units vs. standard GW Chaos Raptors, early pattern Space Marine Dreadnoughts vs. Hellbrutes.
Blades of Corruption Tactical with Squad marking on left shoulder

The origin of the Squad mark
Part of the fluff includes the use of a Chapter Symbol above the left eye of every model and Squad markings on the left shoulder guard.  The squad markings I am taking directly from history specifically the Divisional shields of the WW2 Waffen SS, those that I feel I can replicate free hand anyway.  The Chapter Symbol is rather simple an arc with 3 lines out of it - symbolising not much really except that it was easy to do and looks OK.  You can see the final results, and the basing I've decided to go with in these pictures.

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