February 20, 2013

2nd & 3rd British Armoured Platoons finished

12/16 Open Fire Shermans finished and I have thoroughly enjoyed painting them.  The new plastics (assembly problems aside) are great to paint and I'm enjoying painting British Armour far more than my German stuff, not sure why I just do.  Once the remaining four are done I'll stick some aerials on them and get some decals in - although this last step depends on what force I want to build Canadian or Irish Guards. 

Just remembered to that my army list for the LW-FOW competition at NATCON is due on 4th March so I don't have much time to get things sorted.  Definately going with Fallschirmjager just have to choose a list - most likely a variation on the Hells Highway one I took to CTA last year, but we'll see what the new Market Garden book has to offer first.

Finally some shots of all 12 completed Shermans together - not too bad at all.  Think I am going to enjoying using these guys.  One of those strange things where the models you like assembling and painting also turn out to be the models you like playing.  Bit of a contrast with the PSC PzIV's I put together last year that while nice models I just haven't warmed to.

And if anyone is planning on painting some of these guys up I strongly suggest you go to BF YouTube channel or their website and few the Open Fire painting tutorial videos.  I followed that pretty closely and it worked a treat.

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Scott said...

Nice bunch of Shermans John.