February 25, 2013

Fallschirmjager @ 1750pts for NATCON March

The big gaming event of 2013 is a little over a month away now.  NATCON 29th-31st March will see the normal tournament standard 5 games extended to 8 over a 3 day periodI always find 5 games at standard tournaments mentally draining so 8 games is really going to take it out of me.

I opted to play FOW for the event primarily as I dont like the inclusion of Special Characters in the WHFB composition rules.  Army for the event will be my Fallschirmjager and luckily the tournament rules mean that I will be able to use the updated Hells Highway rule set in the new Bridge to Bridge bookThe list of allowed source books was limited but did include those published prior to Jan 30th, which includes BTB as part of the compilation.  A quick check with the event umpire confirmed it was OK - so once my last 4 Open Fire Shermans are done I am to touch up my Fallschirmjager over the next few weeks.

While Hells Highway and the whole Market Garden period is my preferred option I'm also considering Fortress Europe list and going with something left field - well left field for me. Not knowing what the new BTB book does to the HH lists makes the decision hard, but it arrived today so I can start prerusing it tonight.

The Fortress Europe list would be something like this though

Company HQ
w. 2 x SMG, 1 x Sniper
FJ Platoon
w. SMG/PF + 3 Squads
FJ Platoon
w. SMG/PF + 3 Squads
Heavy Tank Platoon
w. 2 x Tiger IE
FJ Tank Hunter Platoon
w. 4 x Stug G
FJ AA Platoon
w. 3 x 2cm Flak 38
FJ Mortar Platoon
w. 2 sections GW42

Its a big departure from my VDH + Panzerfaust Trap team list, but im looking for something that can take on Soviet armour a little better.  Pak 40s are great but immobile and bad deployment mean I couldnt always use them and PF Trap teams were fantastic but costly.

Plus this list gives me an excuse to buy a couple of Tigers :)


Scott said...

Must admit the 3 day 8 game format put me off (as you say the 2 day 5 game event at CTA was enough to blow my mind!)

Can your FJ take Marders? It would give you a mobile 'pak40', and less costly than the tigers though admittedly less survivable...

Best of luck either way!

lap1964 said...

In BBB you only have 1 armoured slot.TBH,i'm suprised they are allow FE2 as you can't use the Soviet lists due to the V3 H&C rules change ? There's always Grey Wolf,then you could add Otto to the tigers ?

John Murrie said...

Rules allow the following books containing FJ lists - Grey Wolf, FE, Earth & Steel, Cassino, Market Garden compilation (BtB), FJP PDF.

Tournament rules usually make allowances for the Hen & Chicks thing in the players pack to cover FE2.

Pity about the 1 armoured slot, ill try Grey Wolf. Cassino looked interesting but I dont have any fortifactions yet.

@ Scott - Yes they can take Marders but I dont have any yet, planning on getting some for my MW list.

FYI I'm also going to see if I can make it down to a few of the Kapiti clubs FOW nights this year

Scott said...

That would be cool John, keep us informed!