February 28, 2013

FOW Bridge by Bridge Lists - the wierd & wacky

Got a few solid hours reading time in on Bridge by Bridge last night and there are some seriously strange lists in that book.  Some are horribly one dimensional and would be a nightmare at tournament level but definately fun to play.  Some I can't figure out at all.  The Warriors in the book are also a highly divergent lot and offer some pretty good options.

Among the stranger lists in the new source book are:

Kampfgruppe von Swobada
A reluctant trained battlegroup whose combat platoons consist entirely of 88mm Flak guns.  The support options also lean heavily toward gun teams with minimal infantry options.  Reluctant Trained is not the kind of company I would want to take but at 1750pts you could kit out something quite nasty (odd) if you wanted.  I came up with the following:

Sturmbannfuhrer Hans-Georg Sonnenstuhl - 75pts
- allows multiple artillery batteries to combine fire and gives you the US time on target rule
Company HQ - 25pts
Combat Platoon - 180pts
w. 3 x 88m with ROF 3 and gunshields
Combat Platoon - 180pts
w. 3 x 88mm with ROF 3 and gunshields
Schwere Panzer - 580pts
w. 4 x Tiger IE (Hummel CT no Tiger Ace Skills)
Artillery - 180pts
w. 3 x 10.5cm
Artillery - 180pts
w. 3 x 10.5cm
HMG Platoon - 270pts
w. 3 Squads - total of 12 MG42 (each squad deploys as a separate Platoon)
AA Platoon - 65pts
w. 4 x 2cm Flak 38
TOTAL 1,735pts

Just trying to imagine the look on a Russian T34 horde players face when you plonk down 6 x 88ms and 4 x Tigers and then start ranging in all that Artillery with the time on target rule.  You could be nastier to and take 2 units of 6 guns and move them upto 15cm.  Hans-Georg is a pretty worthwhile Warrior who replaces the staff team on one Artillery Platoon.

SS Fortified Company
This one I really couldn't figure out.  The idea of hiding behind all of those defences seems like fun, its a bit like the FJ list from Cassino on steroids.  Each combat platoon can take 3 squads of 2 MG teams each.  Each of these has a trench line and an HMG nest.  You can then get additional minefields and barbed wire entanglements - 50 & 10pts each respectively - with no limit on how many.  Other options are OK but limited armour wise to Platoons of 3 x PzIV's, RT/CT 88mm Flak platoons and the artillery options that seem to dominate all of the BbB lists.  And just for fun you can stick in some FJ as well.   I worked out the following

Company HQ - 75pts
Stutz Platoon - 360pts
w. 3 Squads, 1 x Minefield, 1 x Barbed wire, HMG Nest & 3 trench lines
Stutz Platoon - 420pts
w. 3 Squads, 2 x Minefields, 2 x Barbed wire, HMG Nest & 3 trench lines
Flak Platoon - 130pts
w. 2 x 88mm with ROF 3
Flak Platoon - 130pts
w. 2 x 88mm with ROF 3
Artillery - 180pts
w. 3 x 10.5cm
Artillery - 180pts
w. 3 x 10.5cm
FJ Platoon - 275pts
w. 3 Squads

TOTAL 1,750 with total of 10 trench lines, 3 minefields, 3 barbed wire entanglements & 2 HMG nests.

Then there are the more standard options that are less one dimensional and which would give you a fairly well balanced force, albiet without the Veteran status you usually expect from German troops.

559 Schwere Panzerjager Kompanie 
Definately one I would consider taking and I might actually take it to NATCON if I can source the Wibel mobile AA vehicles or buy some in the interim.  The list is a good counterpoint to the PDF Normandy based Schewere PzJager briefing and offers something a little different. 

Company HQ - 190pts
w. 2 x StuG G
PzJager Platoon - 705pts
w. 3 x Jagdpanther
PzJager Platoon - 285pts
w. 3 x StuG G
FJ Platoon - 275pts
w. 3 Squads
AA Platoon - 165pts
w. 3 x Wirbels
Artillery Platoon - 115pts
w. 2 x 10.5
TOTAL 1,745pts

Not bad, bit light on bodies but theres enough there to keep you going and 3 Jag's are going to ruin a lot of peoples days.

Heavy Tank Company
Yah King Tiger tanks what fun pity they cost so much - 345pts for a single CV example.  But still this could be quite nasty.

1 x King Tiger - 350pts
1 x King Tiger - 345pts
1 x King Tiger - 345pts
Scout Platoon (2 squads) - 115pts
Pioneers (PF/SMG, 3 squads, RSO) - 270pts
3 x 10.5cm - 180pts
3 x 88mm - 135pts
TOTAL 1,740

Kampfgruppe Hummel
Confident trained Tiger Tanks anyone?  Want to field 10+ of them?  Want them dirt cheap but without Tiger Ace skills?  Then this is the list for you.

2 x Tiger IE - 290pts
3 x Tiger IE - 435pts
3 x Tiger IE - 435pts
SS Gepanzerte Grenadiers 3 Squads - 300pts
3 x 10.5cm - 180pts
Sporadic Air FW190 - 110pts
TOTAL 1,750

So a lot of choice there and I haven't even looked at the standard Grenadier options, KG Grabnaer or the other SS lists.  These ones kind of stood out for me as being entertaining but of them probably only Hummel and 559 Schwere would be lists I would take, although the King Tiger list would allow you to use the same models as part of a KG Pieper list for Battle of the Bulge lists.

So many choices... and I have some shopping to do...

Need 88's for my DAK MW list at least two, 1 for my LW FJ so I can field a Luftwaffe Flak Platoon and at least one box set of the PSC Tigers. 


lap1964 said...

The StuG Battery looks like fun ?

HQ 1 StuG
3 StuGs
3 StuGs
3 StuHs
1 KT
Pioniers + Com PF + RSO PSV
3 x 105mm (SS)
TOTAL 1750

Scott said...

Yes theres some quite odd lists to be sure.

One list I am pondering in quest to find a list that will actually succeed in dislodging the dug in Paras, is to make double company list based on putting together Stug Batter 280, plus KG Knaust - something like this ( I haven't sat down with paper and calculator just yet...):

1 HQ StuG G
3 x Stug G
3 X StuH

KG Knaust:
2x combat platoons
Amroured fast recce (to keep ahead of advancing StuGs and/or lift GTG on Paras so StuHs can get kills on dug in Paras)- I don't like (am not used to) infantry recce - they're too slow...,
SS Howitzers with the Dude that gives you Mike Target ...
and fill the rest of available points 'to taste'...

John Murrie said...

I liked the StuG battery as well but I dont any Stu42hs so kind of ruled it out.

Looking forward to getting my copy of Market Garden now and seeing whats on offer for the Canadian and Irish Guards armoured.