February 1, 2013

No NZTC for me :(

Just checked my email and got a message from a very apologetic Pete Dunn that due to a bit of a stuff up our team of "Orphans" is no longer needed to get the number of teams competing at the New Zealand WHFB Team Championships up to an even number, so we are no longer competing at the event. 

Suffice it to say I am disappointed but not that put out as the late call up came as an extremely welcome surprise and originally this wasn't an event I had seen myself being able to get too.  I was looking forward to giving my Ogres a good run particularly against what was going to be an extremely strong New Zealand and International field of players though.

But things like this happen and you have to feel for Pete who has done a fantastic job coming up with the idea, putting the event together, and attracting a solid field and I wish him and the other players all the best for Feb 16th/17th. 

As recompense I expect everyone involved to post a lot of pictures and battle reports and I also expect that people will be extremely nice to any Dwarf players who may have entered.

Looks like I'll be playing cricket instead :) 

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Simon Switzer said...

Damn shame you won't be able to make it anymore John. Hopefully I'll see you at the nationals then!

when aren't people nice to the Dwarf players. I mean. we are the ones who keep the game interesting!