February 9, 2013

WIP - Open Fire British Shermans

Painting even one little part of 16 Shermans takes a while but after only a couple of steps they look pretty good.  So far I've undercoated them with GW Chaos Black spray, added a basecoat of BF British Armour Late (spray) and a layer of GW Nightshade (Black) wash - using the BF Video tutorials as a guide I also tried to clean away as much of the wash as possible from the flatter areas. 

Next step - probably Sunday night - will be drybrushing Russian Uniform and the detailing e.g. ammo boxes, tracks, tools, machine guns and sand bags.



James Brewerton said...

looking good already, is going to be a top quaility army when complete
Peace James

John Murrie said...

Thanks very much :)