March 25, 2013

2400pt Dwarf (tournament) army list

Runefang is still several weeks away, the last weekend of April to be exact, but I'm already getting to work on preparing my Dwarfs for their return assault on the NZ WHFB Tournament scene.  Its been a long while since I've taken them anywhere.  The last time was Runefang V in March last year so its going to be good to get them out and about again.

Comp rules for Runefang do necessitate a couple of changes to my normal 8th Edition list (see picture above for that list) though, and I'm also playing on taking more shooting than normal.

Comp Rules for event relevant to Dwarfs are 
- Max 90 shoots per army (not including warmachines)
- Max 5 warmachines
- Max 12PD/DD per phase and no more than 2 PD/DD can be added to pool by any means
- Special characters allowed except for Thorek
- Max unit or individual character cost 450pts

Army List is 
w. Shield, RO Stone, RO Spellbreaking (x3) 

No AoD as at 170pts its simply not worth what it does which is a 50% chance of moving/charging one unit in shooting phase, getting 1D6 S4 hits on one enemy unit or making units IFT.  Oh and you get +1 DD so with a Runelord with MR Balance and AoD you'd get +4 DD in total.  But comp rules make this impossible and I dont think the 170pts of the Anvil is worth what it gives you.  If I could take Thorek though I would.  Still with this guy I still get +2DD and +2 to dispel with 3 Scrolls which will ruin a lot of magic phases.

 w. MR Gromil, RO Resistance, RO Cleaving

1+ rerollable AS and magical S5 attacks.  Bare as bones and if the big WM fail it gives me someone who can hit ethereal units.

30 x Warriors
w. Full command, GW
30 x Warriors
w. Full command, GW

Two big blocks of 30 although I would normally make one of them Rangers as it gives me some flexibility with deployment but I can't afford the points in this list.

16 x Quarrellers
w. Musician, Shields
16 x Quarrellers
w. Musician, Sheids

Two units this time instead of one to help clear out all that horrible chaff that turns up everywhere, and Quarrellers are still T4 base and with Parry Saves can stick around.  These guys are seriously under rated.

30 x Hammerers
w. Full command, MR Grungi

Normally Id take RO Battle for that +1 CR but having the 5+WS bubble is handy particularly given the prevalence of shooting in some armies.

w. Engineer, RO Forging, RO Burning

Blah set up for the standard monster killer

Organ Gun
Organ Gun

RNG 24" and auto-hitting (at least until new book comes out) so stick them behind your infantry and blast away.  As long as I deploy carefully so units like Gutter Runners cant get within 12" of them they will be a horrible prospect for heavily armoured opponents.

w. Engineer, RO Accuracy, RO Penetrating

Standard blah set up but only at S4 rather than S5 with just a single RO Penetrating.

TOTAL 2,397pts

So no Rangers for me this time round which weakens deployment and no AoD or Gyrocopter which detracts from movement somewhat.  Miners also proved invaluable in most games last year but at 265pts for a unit of 20 I decided to drop them for extra shooting. Double Organ Guns is not something I've run before but have wanted to since 7th Ed - best warmachine in the game. 

I should be able to get 3-4 practice games in before the list needs submitting so this might change prior to that, but we'll see...


Simon Switzer said...

Good to see you playing your Dwarfs again John. The more the better I say!

The list looks very solid. The double Organ gun is priceless mate. Most of the time people will not even want to come anywhere near your army as long as both those are up, which pays for itself really even if you don't get much shooting done with them. Solid choice!

The double quaraller units should do well, it lets them clear the chaff off instead of the organ guns which can be used else where like you said which is a good idea.

Overall, Runefang is to see two very strong Dwarf lists indeed :D.

Tane said...

G'day John,

Nice to see you taking the Dwarves again. I like your list; three combat blocks with three substantial combat-capable support units too. The two units of 16 Quarrellers will be good for chaff-removal and support, though I think you'll need to protect them from Knights and MC that can close the gap fast and possibly blow through them on the charge. But then, the double organ guns will help with that.

I've never played Dwarves with my own Dwarves, which I'm glad. The notion of killing other Dwarves doesn't seem right to me. Skaven, Daemons, Orcs; they deserve killing. But not Dwarves.

So I was thinking maybe us Dwarf players need some 'Dwarf combat' rules when we face each other at tournaments. And when I say 'Dwarf combat rules' I was thinking a drinking contest between characters and unit champions. Create some ales and spirits with suitable names and rules, and see who's characters can outdrink the others. Victory to the standing, defeat and hangovers to the unconscious. A better result than a pile of dead Dwarves.

I think it's worth looking into.

John Murrie said...

Cheers guys :) Dwarf on Dwarf is never fun so had a game at CTA 3 years ago against Dwarfs where we just moved stuff around at random and called it 10-10.

But then again a win is a win and I could always pretend your army consists of a bunch of evil oath breakers...

Played against Chaos Dwarfs a couple times as well and really cant stand them...

RedCraig said...

>" No AoD as at 170pts its simply not worth what it does which is a 50% chance of moving/charging one unit in shooting phase"
Why 50%? As in, why would you even chance ancient power on a 4+, when a 1-3 inclusive means a misfire without Thorek?

The anvil is expensive sure, but extra dispel dice, and a 2+ (83%) chance to move a unit is always good.

Jonah said...

Do you ever run blocks of dwarfs in horde formation, or is that crazy talk?

John Murrie said...

@ Red Craig - yep my mistake there, 2+ is the basic roll required. For me its more of a personal choice as I have never really felt comfortable with having so many points tied up in such a static unit. In big games 3000pts+ I've taken the Anvil but at tournaments I want those extra points for bodies on the ground.

@ Jonah - I always run my Hammerers in horde formation as being Stubborn Im not worried about having to take LS test on a high negative due to a lack of ranks. Plus having 3 ranks of guys with WS5 S6 hitting you isnt fun for anyone. Warriors I run 6 wide 5 deep.

Have run warriors in horde formation and would do so for this tournament but the comp rules prevent it.

38 Hammerers with Lord of Shieldbearers in horde formation is always fun