March 26, 2013

Dwarf Quarrellers & a Dwarf horde list

Finished a quick paint job on the 20 Quarrellers that had been sitting on my shelf for the last year or so getting them ready for Runefang; and because I had time another 10 or so Hammerers giving me 40 of each troop type. Paint job is pretty basic and I havent bothered about minor details, layering and highlighting as these guys will occupy the 2nd/3rd ranks of other units so wont be seen as much.  But they still look ok.


Got a comment on my Dwarf tournament list post from Jonah asking if I run my Dwarfs in a horde formation.  Since 8th Edition I have always run my Hammerers that way relying on their Stubborness to help them stick around - my figuring is that any extra attacks/wounds gained through the horde rule outweighs the CR lost through the absence of extra ranks.  Warriors I run 6 wide and 5 deep, or 5x6 depending on what I'm facing if I want to ensure they are stubborn.

The comment did get me thinking about whether a horde list would work.  Comp restrictions mean I cant take 40 Hammerers (35 hits the 450pt unit max).  But I can beef up both of my Warrior units from 30 to 40 bodies, the cost is one of my two units of Quarrellers - the resulting list looking like:

w. Shield, RO Stone, RO Spellbreaking (x3) 
 w. MR Gromil, RO Resistance, RO Cleaving
40 x Warriors
w. Full command, GW
40 x Warriors
w. Full command, GW
18 x Quarrellers
w. Musician, Shields
30 x Hammerers
w. Full command, MR Grungi
w. Engineer, RO Forging, RO Burning
Organ Gun
Organ Gun
w. Engineer, RO Accuracy, RO Penetrating

TOTAL 2,400pts

Without the 2nd shooting unit its weaker particularly as I have given up my standard unit of Miners and the Ranger upgrade to get to the horde size units.  But if I drop the Veteran and Musician I can upgrade one unit to Warrior-Rangers and not breach Runefangs 450pt unit maximum - dont think many people would like to have a horde of 40 GW armed Dwarfs plonk down 12" in front of them.

Might give it a go before submitting my list to see how it works.


RedCraig said...

Do you think you'll miss the extra unit of Quarrellers? You already have to two organ guns to deal with chaff, and you haven't given the Quarrellers GWs.

Re: 6x5rank GW warriors, I've always started the unit out in horde formation, and if it looks like they'll have to be an anvil, switched to a 5x6ranks deep unit for stubborn.
If there's no hammer to help the anvil unit, I'm not sure they'd survive...
Do you find the extra 2 attacks in a 6x5 formation help (vs longer lasting stubborn)?

John Murrie said...

Hammerers I start in horde and keep that way until they get whittled down. Warriors I flip from 6x5 to 5x6 for the reasons you stated. But prefer 6 or 7 wide as the extra attacks do help

I'll try the horde list next week and see what happens with it - extra unit of quarrellers are helpful as they cant misfire and have longer range and get more average wounds per round than an organ gun. Dont give them GW as they are useful as blockers and HW/S helps them stick better.

Jonah said...

Looks like a great list. I love a proper army - mass ranks of armoured stunties. Too many armies see to be dominated by massive point units of monster-cav or just monsters. In fact this trend has me taking a growing interest in Kings of War rules reviews.

Looking forward to hearing how you get on!

John Murrie said...

Expect to see a lot of Battle Reports post tournament