March 22, 2013

Dwarfs love them and love them some more

Pete Dunn NZ's closet Dwarf enthusiast linked to a great post about the state of Dwarfs in 8th Edition WHFB which has stirred up the usual spate of grumbling in the local community.  You can catch up with the varios conversations at:

Fields of Blood
The Hoodlings Tale - The trouble with stumpies 

Approx. 18 months ago I posted my own thoughts on Dwarfs under 8th Ed which were resoundingly positive and that positive opinion still remains.  The reason I moved away from them in recent times is because my poor Generalship saw me getting my arse kicked on a semi-regular basis which was getting depressing.  Taking Ogres does allow one to cover up ones poor generalship through shear brute force at times...

My thoughts on Dwarfs in 8th Edition (Aug 2011)

Suffice it to say after finishing of my Shermans I was lacking a new project and any idea about which part of painting backlog to attack next.  But the reignition of the Dwarf vs. non-Dwarf WHFB grumblefest has prompted me to grab my unpainted Dwarfs out and they'll be next on the table.

 I'm also going to take Dwarfs to my next WHFB tournament, recent blog comments to the contrary, sorry Pete - because honestly if I could only play one WHFB army ever it would be Dwarfs.

Worst luck FOW wise I couldnt get a game in last night as the club lost out normal venue for the evening.  But do I have one more practice game lined up next week against what Derek says will be an absolutely filthy Russian list before heading down to Wellington for NATCON on Friday morning.

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RedCraig said...

The trouble with stumpies hoodlings tale link is a great read. Especially the take away last paragraph on what the author wants when playing dwarfs.

Glad you're going to get your dwarf back on! :)