March 1, 2013

Fallschirmjager Tournament List for NATCON

Finalised by army list for NATCON this month.  Its due at the TO by the 5th which unfortunately means I have to submit it before I get a chance to conduct any play testing.  Originally planned to go with a Bridge by Bridge list similar to the Hells Highway list I took to CTA last year, but have opted to use Fortress Europe instead - principally as I want something a little different (and it gives me an excuse to buy a couple of Tiger tanks).

LW Fallschirmjager @ 1750pts
Sourcebook: Fortress Europe

Company HQ - 120pts
w. 1 x Panzerfaust upgrade, 1 x Sniper
FJ Platoon - 265pts
w. PF/SMG + 3 Squads
FJ Platoon - 265pts
w. PF/SMG + 3 Squads
FJ AA Platoon - 105pts
w. 3 x 2cm Flak 38
FJ Tank Hunters - 440pts
w. 4 x StuG G
Schwere Panzer Platoon - 430pts
w. 2 x Tiger 1E
Heer Rocket Launcher Battery - 125pts
w. 3 x NW41

TOTAL 1,750pts (6 platoons)

Very interesting video on WWPD today about Battlefronts early days.  Well worth a look.


lap1964 said...

Do you think 2 8cm GW42 could be a better option than the sniper ?

John Murrie said...

Id prefer to take 3 Mortars that way I can at least use them to drop down smoke. 2 you cant and would have to re-roll hits making them somewhat weak.

The sniper I want to take for fun :) have 3 of them but havent really played them yet, and the new sniper rules make them a lot better. See him as an anti-artillery, scout weapon or to kill off observers

Mikko Hellemaa said...

2 stummels provide a single template of smoke, plus the direct fire/smoke is nice now. Re-roll hits with veterans is not that bad...

Good Luck and looking forward to reading about it.