March 24, 2013

Fields of Blood WHFB Rankings go live!!!

Massive massive thank you goes out today to Pete and Jack Dunn for their work in completing a new ranking website for the New Zealand WHFB community.  While this had formerly been handled by RankingsHQ the decision of this body to charge for some services and require registration meant its ranking system was no longer a feasible way of recording the tournament efforts of the local gaming community. These changes affect not just gamers in NZ but internationally as well as RHQ has become THE rankings system for nearly every country.

The Dunns who already do more than enough for the NZ WHFB community stepped into the breach and have built their own web based ranking site using the same calculations as Rankings HQ.  New features are going to be added over the next few weeks and in a nice surprise they also announced that they intended to include Flames of War rankings as well.

For more information check out the relevant post on Petes excellent blog the Fields of Blood and/or visit the new FOB Ranking website here

So a big Stumpy thank you to Pete & Jack!!!

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