March 26, 2013

FOW army breakdown for NATCON

Latest update of the players and their respective armies for NATCON this weekend came out yesterday, still a couple of lists to be submitted.

Bede Bailey - US Armoured Rifles
Russell Briant - Bridge by Bridge FJ
Steve Chambers - Red Bear IINO Motostrelk
Tony Bates - Sichersrungkompanie
Ken Camel - (not submitted yet but he used US Paras at CTA last year)
Damien Tyson - US 2nd Cavalry Recon Group (Devils Charge)
Warren Hart - Sturmkompanie
John Murrie - Fortress Europe Fallschirmjager
Rob Sadler - Glider Pilot Squadron 
Mark Stanton-  Sichersrungkompanie - Yep
Andrew Stanton - AK Polish Uprising Army
Simon McBeth-  Free French Infantry
Alexander Martin - Aufklarungs
Callum Martin - Panzer Kompany
Andrew Shepherd - British Cromwell Armoured
Daniel Shepherd - IS-85 Guards Heavy Tank Company
Nick Garden - Romanian Motorised
Matt Martin - Panzer Kompany
Michael Haycock -
John Fletcher - Devils Charge KG Pieper
Daniel Wilson - IS-85 Guards Heavy Tank Company
Steve Hill  - NUTS Panzergrenadiers
Richard Jeffrey - Fallschirmjager

A lot of Axis armies on that list and a surprising lack of armies from the latest books which I had been expecting.  3 Fallschirmjager armies as well very interested in seeing what they look like and what the lists are.  Unfortunately the lack of a balanced Axis vs. Allies field will mean a lot of blue on blue over the weekend.


Cameron said...

Very interesting. No Market Garden British Armoured (other than the cromwells). No AT15 fireflys. Just the one list with AT15 challengers. I thought they were auto-win now :-P.

John Murrie said...

Yep surprised me too I was expecting the new MG Canadian lists to get a run. Although there was some confusion over whether these books were ok in the event info.

Do expect to come across 1 or 2 Jumbo Shermans.

Not looking forward to the Guards tank companies though.

lap1964 said...

There also seems to be a lack of US Tank Destroyers ? 2 Sichersrungkompanie
lists,best read the train rules ? The IS-85 lists aren't so good now since the tanks had 2 pts increases.