March 13, 2013

FOW Fallschirmjager Tournament Army Pic's

Spent 10 minutes sorting out the 1750pts Ill be taking to NATCON in two weeks time and decided to take some photos.  Its only when you put them all together that you realise just how little Germans get for 1750pts compared to the other nationalities.  Final elements in the army were my 2 Tigers - now complete except for decals - and the Rocket Launcher Battery now flocked and finished.

So here you go....  [added some thoughts on each choice - 14/03/13]
1750pts of Fallschirmjager from Fortress Europe (LW)
Its an infantry company so will be on the defensive in most missions but there is a lot of armour here, including some FV Assault Guns.  Makes the list pretty nasty but only if I deploy correctly - unfortunately deployment is not something I tend to do well in either FOW or WHFB.  
CHQ with 1 Panzerfaust/SMG upgrade
Only 1 PF upgrade as I needed the pts elsewhere.  Going with
FE also means no VDH or Trap Teams and pts wise I couldn't
fit in any Panzershrek Teams. 
Taking him instead of 2 x GW42 as I have the model (3 of them actually) 
and really want to try out the new v3 rules.  
1st Fallschirmjager Platoon - Panzerfaust/SMG HQ & 3 Squads
Standard large FV Platoon going to be hard to shift
2nd Fallschirmjager Platoon - Panzerfaust/SMG HQ & 3 Squads
Another big FV Platoon - whenever I take Pioneers I use this Platoon 
the barbed wire helps identify them better 
Fallschrimjager Assault Gun Platoon w. 4 x StuG G (decals are for 21st Pz Div)
Not sure why I used 21st Pz decals rest of my LW Panzers are Lehr, DAK will be 21st Pz though.
These are FV StuGs vs. CV Heer versions meaning much harder to hit.  Basically very 
mobile Pak 40's although without the ability to dig in or GTG. 
Fallschirmjager Anti-Aircraft Platoon w. 3 x 2cm Flak 38
ROF 4 AT6 FP5+ and almost mandatory in v3.  In scenarios with the
reserves rule vs. an opponent with air support this really hurts as it means in
a 6 Platoon company you only have 2 strong Platoons on the board with this one
taking the other slot. 
Heer Rocket Launcher Platoon w. 3 x NW41 15cm
Something I have always wanted to take as they provide a reasonably 
cheap alternative to standard Artillery and fit into nearly every list. 
Schwere Heavy Tank Platoon w. 2 x Tiger IE
FE and BbB give FJ the option of taking Jagdpanthers which I usually do but for
30pts more.  Jags are AT16 vs. Tigers AT13 and have better FA.  But they lack
Tiger Ace Skills, Wide Tracks, decent side armour and are not TA2.  
Jags are great but I was always getting them bogged down, and Tigers are 
just scary for a lot of people.  Plus they look cool.  These guys will act as mobile Heavy AT, allowing
the StuGs to concentrate on enemy infantry.   


Scott said...

Good looking force. I like the sniper :-)

I know what you mean about Germans not getting much stuff against their enemies! I often find myself in the same boat.

I usually play Grens or PZGrens, so your FJs get bigger platoons than I am used to!

This is clearly an infantry Co, so can expect to defend a fair bit in match ups - is that the reason for taking the 2cm Flak, rather than any recce?

Of all the troops selections I have bought and painted I have very little 'static' flak...

Slicksauce said...

Looks great!

lap1964 said...

The force looks good.Ref the StuGs they are decaled for the 21st Pz Div.

John Murrie said...

@Scott - yep its infantry which has its advantages scenario wise except where the reserves rule means I have half my platoons off the board.

I find that Flak is pretty much mandatory now given the improved Air rules in v3.

@ Slick - cheers :)

@ Lap - ta mate, and oops my mistake - rest of my armour is Lehr... not sure why I went 21st with the StuGs?

John Murrie said...

Added some of my thinking on each selection to the picture captions

Scott said...

Thanks for the extra info and thoughts... I always like to know why people pick stuff...
Interesting your thoughts on aircraft/AAA... our bunch rarely use air usually due to it being rarely effective in our experience, and we generally feel the points can be better spent elsewhere, so thus we don't use much AAA either and if we do its usually in the infantry/light armoured vehicle killer role...

John Murrie said...

No probs - getting this stuff down actually helps me ensure I have thought about it ;)

Air gets used a lot up here in v2 and v3. Tournaments it tends to turn up more often as well.

AA is good for hitting infantry and light armour but the saves arent as good as for infantry HMGs.

In EW though AA can cut through nearly every tank out there.