March 11, 2013

FOW-LW list line up for NATCON

The lists are starting to come in for the LW-FOW competition at NATCON in 2 weeks time and there is a pretty interesting mix. Nice to see I am not the only Fallschirmjager player - but unlike my Kamerade I decided against using BbB in the end.  Current player list and their confirmed armies (where available) as of 11th March is:

Bede Bailey - US Armoured Rifles or Tanks
Russell Briant - Bridge by Bridge FJ
Steve Chambers - Red Bear IINO Motostrelk
Tony Bates
Ken Camel
Damien Tyson - US 2nd Cavalry Recon Group (Devils Charge)
Warren Hart - Sturmkompanie
John Murrie - Fortress Europe Fallschirmjager
Rob Saddler
Mark Stanton - Sichersrungkompanie - Yep
Andrew Stanton is using a large - AK Polish Uprising Army
Simon McBeth - Free French Infantry
Alexander Martin
Callum Martin
Andrew Shepherd - British Cromwell Armoured
Daniel Shepherd - IS-85 Guards Heavy Tank Company
Nick Garden - Romanian Motorised
Matt Martin
Michael Haycock
John Fletcher - Devils Charge KG Pieper
Daniel Wilson - Soviet KV Company
Steve Hill - NUTS Panzergrenadiers
Richard Jeffrey

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