March 6, 2013

Hessian strips for British Shermans

Decided to sit down and have a go at making some Hessian strips for my Shermans using GF9 Green Stuff.  Extremely simple process in the end and one that worked a treat.  Prepare the Green Stuff, roll and squish it flat, press a little bit on the model and mould with your little knife.  All done.

Photos should all expand out so click on them for larger versions :)


Also managed to finish off my Heer Rocket Launcher Battery which will form part of my Fallschirmjager list for NATCON.  Gave it an extremely quick finish particularly the crew figures as I always struggle painting German infantry.  I have visions of Tom Wises work flashing before my eyes and it just puts me off.... ;)   Unfortunately I have run out of static grass so cant finish off the basing just yet.

My eldest wanted to get her hand into a photo

Tomorrow is also shaping up to be a great day as the 2 Tiger 1E's I ordered from Battlefront turned up.  And with cricket season finishing this Saturday I am going to have more time for painting during the week and can also start making regular trips to my local club.  Also planning on heading down to Kapiti the odd night as well.


Scott said...

Those hessian strips work very well. a bit of paint and your done.

Nick Von Cover said...

Wow. That hand indicates that you've failed as a father and farm out your figures to a professional painter! How can somebody who produces figures as nice as the ones in the photos not have taught his daughter his skills to apply polish to her nails? ;-) (My daughter is only two, so clearly I'm an expert on raising teenage girls...)

Seriously though, beautiful work as usual and thanks for teaching me just what the heck a Hessian strip is.

Nick blogs (and usually does not share his parenting "wisdom" ;-) ) at Spotting Round.

John Murrie said...

lol - she's 6 and there tends to be a gap of a few weeks between applications hence the fading, call it advanced weathering technique ;)

And cheers for feedback, like your site btw very nice