March 29, 2013

NATCON AAR 2/8 - Fallschirmjager vs. US Infantry

Scenario - No Retreat (Defending)

Game 2 up against Ken Camel an extremely nice guy from Canada, well everyone from Canadas nice really, but Ken is too and good to play against.

The terrain - US deployed to bottom of picture, you can see the objectives at the top
The US forces consisted of:
US Recce Platoon
2 – 3 big US Infantry Platoons including an Assault Platoon
A section of 90mm AT guns
A Platoon of Priests
and some 155mm Artillery

Opening Turns 
US Recce teams rush through village denying the ambushing StuGs a safe place to deploy. US Infantry swarms forward and artillery begins to range in on the dug in FJ. An FJ Sniper briefly holds up the advancing US infantry. Rocket fire pounds several US platoons but can’t inflict any casualties and the US troops are motivated enough to continue on. The only US casualties so far are a couple of Reconnaissance vehicles. The ambushing StuGs pop up but deploy to close to and in LOS of the enemy’s 90mm AT guns losing 2 of their number.

Theres go my plan of attacking the Artillery for easy points, look at those AT guns
The US infantry horde begins its advance
Damn - that Recce stops me from putting the StuGs in the village
So I deploy them in the cornfield next to the objective instead - not a good idea in hindsight
US Infantry moves house by house through the vilalge
Pinned down by Rocket fire do I attack them or sit tight?
Middle Turns US infantry begins to advance house by house through the village. Rocket fire and HMG from the StuGs pins them down long enough for the Tigers, just arrived from reserve, to move into the village. However the US 90mm AT guns are sighted well and the Tigers have very few safe avenues of approach; the StuGs unable to hit the US infantry which has now dug in move to the flank and begin to fire on the US SP Artillery.

The end is nigh - US infantry take both objectives and repluse my assaults
End Turns US infantry resumes its advance through the village and toward the wheat field as US artillery fire takes a huge toll on the dug in FJ. Defensive fire proves ineffective and the FJ are wiped out and pushed out of their defensive positions in the wheat field. The remaining reserves arrive and rush forward to recapture the lost position. Tigers and StuGs provide covering fire but cannot pin down the US defenders and the assaulting FJ are decimated as they try and fail to attack their positions. Meanwhile the US infantry advancing through the village open fire on the Tigers with their Bazookas knocking out one of them, while more Bazooka fire destroys the remaining StuGs. Both objectives originally held by the FJ are now in enemy hands and there are not enough troops remaining to retake them. The CIC opts to withdrew from the battlefield surrendering the village and the battle to the US.

Final result a well deserved 6-1 to Ken

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