March 29, 2013

NATCON AAR 3/8 - Fallschirmjager vs. IS Tankovy Company

Hasty Attack (Defending)

Game 3 of Day 1 from NATCON up against Daniel Shepards Soviet IS2 Tankovy Company which consisted of 10 x IS2's, a massive pile of artillery and a big platoon of infantry and not much else. 3 games and not a single aeroplane in sight... but IS2 are nasty enough.

The terrain set up - one objective in the trees bottom left, the other (the one we fought over) is bottom right.  The rocks in front are impassable to tanks coming from the top of the picture. 

 For deployment I put down both platoons of FJ and the Tigers.  I placed my first objective in the centre of the board with Daniel putting one on the extreme left and one on the extreme right.  The terrain set up meant that the left hand one would not be a good proposition for his tanks with a lot of slow going, difficult and boggy terrain.  Consequently, I took a gamble and put the Tigers in the middle and one FJ Platoon on the right hand objective.  The 2nd FJ Platoon I kept as an immediate ambush in case I guessed wrong in which case I could stick it on the left hand objective.  Tiger skills were Motivate on 2+.

 My opponent deployed... well... I'm really not sure as he never rolled for reserves and I really didnt notice this until about Turn 3 by which time his tanks were basically in my deployment zone.  But either I missed his reserve roll in Turn 1 and he got all of his tanks on or he simply deployed all of his units at the start of the game by mistake.  Giving him the benefit of the doubt as he appeared to be a new player (judging from his game play) and I'm sure it wasn't deliberate - but is something I should have picked up on. 
Lovely paint job on these

Opening Turns 
IS2’s advanced in a big group down the right flank and around a narrow gap by some impassable terrain. Actually a big mistake on my opponent’s part as it meant only 3 of his tanks were in a position to fire on my troops. Soviet artillery fire killed a few FJ while the Tigers manoeuvred to better firing positions against the IS2’s.
Achtung der Panzer kommt!!!!
The first Soviet assault fails costing them 3 IS2's and me 4 FJ teams
Middle Turns 
As the IS2’s advance around my flank an FJ Sniper keeps the rushing infantry pinned down and out of the battle, slowly whittling them down in the process. The IS2’s assault the dug in FJ and fail badly. Despite only having 2 Panzerfaust equipped teams 3 Soviet assaults fail and the first IS2 platoon is destroyed. The remaining Tiger knocks out a couple more IS2’s before it is destroyed in return.

More Soviet assaults go in and more IS2's get blown up.

End Turns 
Things get confusing here. The Sniper is killed and the Soviet infantry advances toward the SE objective. Nebelwerfers and the FJ shoot up the Soviet infantry reducing it to half strength. Meanwhile the StuGs have arrived from reserve and have rushed forward to combat the IS2’s getting through a couple of Soviet artillery barrages in the process.As the StuGs and IS2’s manoeuvre to get better firing positions on each-other the IS2’s come too close to the FJ CIC whose Panzerfaust takes out a couple more of them including the Soviet CIC.
The FJ hold on as long as they can but the pressure is too much. After repelling multiple assaults from the Soviet tanks and 1 from their infantry they are finally forced to withdraw only the CIC and 2IC left.


The Soviet infantry is wiped out by Rifle/MG fire from the FJ after fleeing a failed assault.   The single remaining IS2 backs itself into a corner even after destroying a StuG. The remaining 3 StuGs flank it and then destroy and the Soviet forces with only their artillery left flee the battlefield.
Final act of the game the StuGs surround the sole surviving IS2 and eventually finish it off
I have a sneaking suspicion here that we weren't playing the assault phase correctly, at least not in terms of how far back teams are supposed to withdrew when an assault fails.  Going to do some reading after I post this to double check.

Final Result 5-1


Chris said...

Failed assaults now back you up two inches away from the pl you attempted to assault.

John Murrie said...

Ta :) Got it sorted overnight and during games today