March 19, 2013

National Convention WHFB Lists out

The army lists for the Warhammer Fantasy competition of next fortnights National Convention have been made public today and make some very interesting reading (link here).  Couple of things stand out for me:
  • No High Elves, not one.
  • Two Ogre players neither taking a Slaughtermaster - one running 2 Firebelly's and a BSB, the other a Butcher + Firebelly combo.
  • The Butcher + Firebelly Ogre list also includes 2 units of 7 (THATS RIGHT 7) Mournfang a Thundertusk and a Stonethorn
But its the two Dwarf lists that stand out for me.  Simon Switzer who has been carving out some impressive results since he hit the tournament scene last year has a solid and very nasty looking close combat list, very much the type of army I like.  It includes:
  • 3 blocks of 35+ Warriors/Hammers
  • 2 Organ Guns 
  • 2 Cannons
Enough there to ruin anyones day - Organ Guns will help against all the Skink hordes the LM players like to field and the Cannons will take out the big monsters.

Neil Williamsons list though made me laugh out loud.  This I think is the first time I have seen him field Dwarfs and he has gone with a sneaky version of the NO DEPLOY DWARF army.

Basically this is a list built around Rangers, Miners and Thanes with the RO Brotherhood essentially allowing you to deploy absolutely nothing except scouts at game start.  The comp allowing special characters helps him enormously here as he has taken Bugman (the only decent Dwarf special character) giving him an extra Ranger unit.  The result
  • 2 blocks of Rangers
  • 3 Thanes all with RO Brotherhood (allowing deployment with Scouts and/or Miners)
  • 3 blocks of Miners
He also has an Anvil + Dragon Slayer (i'm assuming he'll get in the way of ppl charging the anvil/warmachines) and the standard double cannon & BT.  Also great to see him take a Gyrocopter a very   under appreciated item in the Dwarf arsenal, Id take two if I had a 2nd model.

Going to reading about how it goes....


Jeffrey Kent said...

Not concerned at all by the 14 Mournfang.

Christopher Gage said...

Well I know this is a bit late but that 2 fire belly list was illegal.