April 4, 2013

NATCON AAR 4/8 - Fallschirmjager vs. US Recce Company

NATCON Game 4 
Cauldron Vs. US Recce Company (Damien Tyson) 
Enemy Force 
2 x Chaffee Platoons (5 tanks each)
1 x Towed M10’s
1 x Towed 90mm guns
1 x Towed Bigger version M10’s
3 x Recce Patrols (Jeeps & M8 Armoured Cars)

Enemy deployed 
– 1 lot of Chaffee’s, both platoons of M10’s and 1 Recce Patrol

Friendly units deployed 
– Tigers (Stormtrooping on 2+) & 2 x FJ Platoons
The map - FJ to left of picture US randomly all around them
Opening Turns (1-2) 
US Recce teams run through the village with towed tank destroyers not far behind. The Chaffee’s hang back weary of the Tigers which Stormtroop in and out of the buildings killing a few US Armoured Cars and one of the towed M10’s. Nothing much happens in the initial turns as the US can’t really advance until the Tigers have been taken care of.
Meanwhile on the left a full platoon of FJ dig in and do... nothing
Tigers and FJ deploy in the village - objective is under the two rear most infantry teams

AH HA Got you
1st blood to the Tigers - US Armoured cars ablaze in the village
Middle Turns (3-->) 
The Tigers have taken out a couple of Chaffee’s but constant spot smoke from the US Tanks has forced the Tigers to expose themselves and the unlimbered US Tank Destroyers quickly take out one of them.
Oh Crap - Tank Destroyers open up on the Tigers who have failed to Stormtroop
Yep there goes one of them - US Recon teams move around a burning Tiger

US reserves come on to the immediate right of the village
With the Tigers neutralised the Tank Destroyers redeploy ready for the StuGs

Recon teams check out the dug in FJ
With German reserves not far away the US Tank Destroyers re-deploy in an all-around defensive pattern to protect themselves safe from the one remaining Tiger.
More Chaffees come on and wait for the Tigers go bye bye
Initial US movements attempt to draw out the Tigers while Recon teams lift gone to ground on the FJ
 German assault guns come on in reserve but advance far too cautiously and fail to make the best use of terrain. Too focused on hitting the US Tank Destroyers they are only able to destroy one before US return fire knocks out two of their own number. The Assault guns position worsens when a 2nd Platoon of Chaffee’s comes on from the American reserve and races up to their vulnerable rear.
To the rear of the battlefield more Chaffees come on
And they promptly help destroy a full platoon of StuG G's
  The Chaffee’s and 2 Platoons of US Tank Destroyers then pump dozens of AP rounds into the StuGs who blow up almost as quickly as they entered the battle.
All we have left now are some AA guns which try to hit the Tank Destroyers in the side
 End Turns (5-->) 
A few more German reserves – AA Guns and Nebelwerfers – come on but right in front of the waiting Chaffee’s and US Tank Destroyers. While the AA guns valiantly attempt to shoot through the Tank Destroyers side armour there is little they can do.
Oops we only got them angry - US armour masses to take out the FJ AA guns
The Rockets get a few rounds off but can’t hit or destroy anything and within moments both they and the AA guns are blazing wrecks.
End game Chaffees advance on the village capturing their objective
Meanwhile in the village Fallschirmjager from both platoons have left their positions and attempted to use the buildings as cover to launch a series of assaults on US Recce teams nearby. The US Recce forces break contact and withdrew leaving the rest of the US forces to open up on the remaining FJ. Around the eastern objective Chaffee’s and other US forces wipe out one FJ Platoon and kill the German company commander. The rest of the German forces break and run and the battle is over.

Result 1-7


Scott said...

Ouch! Damien strikes me as a very competent player, who knows exactly how to handle his troops.

In this mission/match up, I am not sure what more you could have done?

John Murrie said...

Unfortunately the scenario rules meant I couldnt deploy both armoured platoons at the beginning.

On reflection my list was a bit light on AT assets even a couple of Panzershreks would have changed things quite dramatically, as would artillery with direct fire AT ability vs. nebs.

But bottom line I was outclassed as he played extremely well.