April 28, 2013

Back from another WHFB Tournament

Back home after another enjoyable tournament event Runefang VI in Wellington.  Didnt quite get the results I wanted but enjoyed myself immensely.  The usual suspects finished at the top of the table but a couple of new comers also made a good impression.  The best news from the weekend though were the performances of two of the 4 Dwarf armies (not mine unfortunately).  Tane and Simon both finished in Top 10, Tane 4th and Simon 9th (his 3rd Top 10 finish this year) really upsetting the normal run of play.

My "ahem" victorious Dwarves

As for me I managed the following results (full battle reports with pictures up over the next few days):
  • Dawn Attack vs. Beastmen 11-9 win
  • Blood and Glory vs. Daemons of Chaos (Nurgle) 0-20 loss 
  • Watchtower vs. Vampire Counts 3-17 loss
  • Meeting Engagement vs. Beastmen 20-0 win
  • Battleline vs. Warriors of Chaos 4-16 loss
The first win was a good one and one in which I played really well.  The loss to the Nurgle Daemons was actually a lot of fun but man are those guys horribly tough.  Against the Vampire Counts the result was largely down to me losing the watchtower and the loss of a chunk of points at the end of Turn 6.  Big win over Beastmen was due to good decisions, good rolls and some horrible, horrible luck on my opponents part.  While the last game was going my way until my opponents Daemon Prince went berko and chopped his/her/its way through 2/3 of my army all by itself.

Stumpy Heaven's Dwarven Heroes

Managed to finish 20th out of 28 players, something higher would have been nice but thems the breaks.

Big talking point of the last day was of course the new High Elves book.  A number of players had seen the free sample version released on ITunes (I think) and the issues of comp were already being mooted...

...new book sounds fantastic but its going to be freaking expensive to field all the new stuff judging by the costs listed on GW tonight (damn price gouging).  Have already decided on a new colour and basing scheme for my High Elves which I will be paint stripping and redoing in honour of the new book. Going to match the colour scheme I've used for my Dwarfs but with lots of flowers on the bases instead of rocks.  The snow is going bye bye as its all going yellow and frankly I'm over it as a look :)  First model already in the pot losing its paint.


Jonah said...

Any chance of a battle report for the wins?

James Milner said...

Welcome to the bandwagon! We're sorry but its standing room only at this point...

Look forward to some pics of your pretty newly painted models. I cant wait to get started on my Phoenix when tgey arrive!

John Murrie said...

@ Jonah - reports up over next few days.

@ James - I know its going to be a popular new book, roll on Dwarves in November

Scott said...

Nice looking force John.

Those scores are wildly varied, how does scoring work in WFB?

John Murrie said...

Thanks Scott - scoring is based on Victory Point differences between each player. The size of the difference determines the result. Max possible score is a 20-0 win, basically you wipe your opponent off the table and your stuff remains intact. After that scores go down to 19-1,18-2 etc to 10-10 the lowest for a draw. VP based solely on pts value of units killed, plus bonus pts for generals, unit standards (think of them as regimental banners), and objective bonuses in certain scenarios. Its a fairly balanced system all up.

Scott said...

Thanks for reply John.
Heck , a 20-0 aint very nice, the loser doesn't even get a point for turning up!

The Kiwi said...

Nice looking army. Looks like it was a fun event.