April 6, 2013

Dwarf 2400pt Tournament list v7???

I took a major beating at the hands of Jeff's Lizardmen at the club on Thursday night.  Deployed badly, got shot to bits by a horde of Skinks and kept losing units to Final Transmutation which is freaking horrible spell.  Been working hard on getting a Dwarf list sorted for Runefang in 3 weeks time and before the army list deadline of the 13th April.

With a lot of the newer books out now and the recent changes to how people are fielding their armies I dont think my 2011 Dwarf tournament list is going to work anymore and the list I had on Thursday isnt a goer either.  I am also going to have to make some chamges to how I play and get over my aversion to castling and large numbers of warmachines - basically start focusing on Dwarfs strengths which are non-BS shooting and resolute defence.

So latest draft list which Ill try out next Thursday against another Lizardmen army is:

w. Shield, 2 x RO Spellbreaking

w. Shield, RO Spellbreaking, Spelleater Rune

Double Runesmith give me +2 DD and 4 Dispel Scroll equivalents including 1 that destroys a spell on 4+.  Also allows me to spread my anti-magic defence between two targets.  Two RS cost more points than a single Runelord but you get +1 scroll and less risk of having your anti-magic die on you.

w. MR Gromil, RO Resistance, RO Cleaving, RO Speed

Boring standard set-up, still cannot understand why Dwarf BSB are not allowed to take GW.  RO Speed gives him I4 which might help once in a while.

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer

Never been a big fan of these guys but have always seen their benefits as Warmachine guards and redirectors.  If the new book offers some changes Id look at fielding whole blocks of Slayers with these guys as core Hero choices.

30 x Warriors
w. Full command, GW

30 x Warriors
w. Full command, GW 

Standard option, no horde unit as I wanted the points for other stuff and no Rangers either. 

30 x Hammerers
w. Full command

8 x Hammerers
w. Standard Bearer, MR Grungi

One big stubborn combat block to go with two lots of Warriors.  2nd smaller unit with 5+WS bubble goes behind everyone else protecting them and warmachines.  

w. Engineer, RO Penetrating, RO Accuracy

w. Enginner, RO Forging

Organ Gun

Organ Gun


TOTAL 2,397

Four warmachines and a Gyrocopter, 4 scrolls and the 5+WS bubble banner means that yes this is a castling list.  Quarrellers have been dropped to focus on non-BS shooting which tends to be more reliable.  Cannon has lost Burning due to prevalence of 2+ WS vs. Flaming attack items everywhere and honestly how many regen things are out there anyway?  List has a total of 6 drops (2 Warriors, 2 Hammerers, Warmachines & Gyro) meaning I should get the +1 for first turn in most games allowing the WM to get some early shots in, Organ Guns only viable targets initially would be Vanguard and Scout units.   Gyrocopter most likely deploy behind army and wait till T2 before moving unless an enemy Vanguard/Scout unit is overly exposed.  

Very large departure from my 2011 Tournament list.  Basic changes are:
- Ranger upgrade on one warrior block dropped
- Unit of 16 Quarrellers dropped for 2nd Organ Gun
- Unit of 20 Miners dropped for Gyrocopter & Dragon Slayers
- Runelord swapped out for 2 Runesmiths
- 2nd unit of Hammerers added with MR Grungi

We'll see how it goes on Thursday


Jeffrey Kent said...

Hi John,
I think this list looks a lot more solid. My thoughts are:

1. I'd take a burning rune on one of the warmachines, so you can strip off regen if need be. It's always going to be a tradeoff though against the characters wandering around with flaming wards.

2. Why not put the MR Grungi in the 30 man Hammerers and turn the 8 Hammerers into a small unit of Quarrelers (or send the 8 Hammerers redirecting)?

Other than those two points I think you're well set up.

John Murrie said...

Ill have a fiddle with it - to be honest im into my 10th or 12th variation of this list and its doing my head in.

John Murrie said...

The smaller unit of Hammerers are intended to provide the bubble for infantry in front and the warmachines behind, and would remain with the warmachines while the other units move up.