April 5, 2013

High Elf army book rumours

Interesting set of rumours about the upcoming High Elf book on Hero's Gaming Blog couple of the other posts there about the pictures that slipped out and the authors thoughts about which of those rumours are likely to be true.
If only High Elf characters were this scary and brutal in reality...
If the rumours are true then I am most definately looking forward to the new book and I have always found this blogs analysis of various armys etc to be very good so its well worth a read.  Will give my a good incentive to finish painting the massive High Elf backlog I have (currently stands at around 60 models) and if Swordmasters get a Parry Save vs. shooting and the new HE armour then my long dreamed of Swordmaster horde block will be getting a run at tournaments.
Somehow I dont think we'll be getting these - just like Dwarfs wont get Bear Cavalry (which would be lame anyway at least IMO)

There are also another set of rumours at High Elves.net Ill leave it upto you to decide which list is the most accurate and to figure our any commonalities between them. High Elves.net is unfortunately not updated very often but it is an outstanding site for High Elf players and well worth a look.

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Wryth said...

I'm hoping for some Swordmaster love too. Then I can create a full on Army of Hoeth.