April 11, 2013

NATCON AAR 6/8 - Fallschirmjager vs. SS Pz Division Viking

Game 6 
Fair Fight vs. SS Pz Division (Matt Marton – 2nd equal best painted army)

The Battlefield
Enemy Forces
Fearless Trained Panther Company
5 x Panther
5 x PzIVG
3 x Armoured Car Recce
2 x 1/2 Track AA

The enemy forces
My deployment
The right flank that would see all the action

This game hinged on the Tiger Tanks being able to snipe in and out of cover taking out the Panthers and preventing them from brewing up the StuGs. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way.
One of Matt's Panthers - personally I thought these were the best painted units at NATCON

The Tigers and StuGs managed to kill 3/5 PzIV’s the Panthers staying out of harm’s way but then the Tigers fail 3 attempts at Storm Trooping and are stranded in the open.
Tigers pop out - Tigers do stuff all - Tigers fail to stormtroop - Tigers die
 The StuGs eventually move but not before 1 of their number and both of the Tigers have been knocked out.
 Nebelwerfers attempt to kill the enemy armoured cars but fail so resort to dropping smoke on the Panthers forcing them to move before shooting.
 The StuGs hide as much as they can and hope the Panthers will come close enough so that they can rush to their flank and hit their side armour. But the Panther commander is too smart for that and keeps his tanks back out of range picking off the StuGs one at a time.
Everyone hide behind the hill
 A success is had though when one StuG gets off 2 lucky shots at the remaining PzIV’s both hit but only 1 tank is destroyed and somehow the remaining PzIV is motivated to stick around. What happens after this is the StuGs hide a bit and then when the Panthers through lack of room are forced to come too close suicide out and open fire on their side armour.
Umm AT11 vs. FA10 help!!!!
 Only one Panther is killed though leaving 4 more to tackle a Platoon of Fallschirmjager now without any real AT assets. A 2nd FJ Platoon and some AA are completely out of the battle on another objective unable to do anything at least not without getting killed themselves.
Meanwhile in la la land the other 1/2 of my army does nothing
The battle is between the Panthers, armoured cars, the remaining PzIV and a single FJ Platoon backed by some rockets. With nothing to lose the Rockets drop smoke on top of one of the Panthers and the FJ assault and kill it managing to get through the defensive fire which is off target thanks to the smoke.
Smoke goes down as the FJ launch an assault
Ah ha take that!!!
A 2nd attempt is made to kill the remaining PzIV in the same way but the Fallschirmjager are forced back by defensive fire from the armoured cars accompanying the enemy tank.
The end is nigh - so close to getting that last PzIV
The do or die approach of the Fallschirmjager leaves them exposed in the open and out of foxholes. The Panthers rush in and finish them off, causing the rest of the Fallschirmjager forces to break and run.  Well played by my opponent who was a very nice guy with a beautiful army - almost a pleasure getting stomped by it, but not a nice way to end Day 2.  Really needed some Panzershreks....

End Result defeat 1-7


Scott said...

Nice report John.

Live and die by the stormtrooper... I know the feeling well! Just when you really don't want to fail that roll, that's when it stuffs up!

Consequently I now try and fit Remer or Von Sauken into my forces to help with this problem! Still doesn't always work out though!

Tough loss, but you had a fair crack at the whip.

Could you have got the other FJ across any earlier?

John Murrie said...

Thanks Scott

Unfortunately Matt had his mobile AA lurking around by my other FJ who would have been stranded in the open as they moved and shot up - he also kept the recon armoured cars in between both FJ platoons effectively keeping them stuck. I could have rushed them over took the loses but then his faster units would have snuck round behind me and taken the objective.

Probably should have played more defensively and kept the tigers back. But Panthers at AT14 were going to punch through him easily from any range.