April 4, 2013

NATCON AAR 5/8 - Fallschirmjager vs. SS PzGrenadiers & Polizei

Game 5
Hold the Line Vs. SS PzGrenadiers/Police (Tony Bates)

The battlefield - one objective in forest to right of picture, 2nd in light green field near river bridge.
Enemy deployed
4 Sturm Tigers, SS Mortars, 2 Police Platoons, 2 Platoons of PzGrenadiers, and SS AT Guns.

The enemy deployment - aside from the bridge the only viable crossing point for vehicles is a ford to the top left between the two lone trees
Friendly’s deployed
Nebelwerfers and in ambush a Platoon of FJ and the Tigers who can Stormtroop on 2+
The FJ company's only deployment a platoon of Nebelwerfers
Opening Turns (1-4) 
The enemy PzGrenadiers crowd the road leading to the only bridge over the river while the Police troops move around one flank and begin fording the river that divides the battlefield in half.
Vehicles and SS infantry choke the road leading to the bridge
FJ in hidden ambush positions watch the advancing enemy
The defending Fallschirmjager bombard the advancing Police forces with rocket fire pinning them in place and killing a few teams as a Sniper takes up position and does the same. The enemy Sturm Tigers try and fail to range in on and destroy the Nebelwerfers using their smoke trails as aiming points. As yet neither the Tigers nor FJ Platoon have revealed their ambush positions, and the enemy advance is extremely slow as they try to guess the Fallschirmjager commanders intentions.
Polizei platoons force a crossing on the FJ left flank
More Nebelwerfer and Sniper fire keeps the advancing enemy forces pinned down, this time switching between targets. However, some police troops manage to cross the river on one flank while the advancing SS PzGrenadiers finally get close to the bridge.
The only early success for the enemy forces Polizei assault the Nebelwerfer's observer
Middle Turns (5-7) 
With time running out to force a breakthrough the SS PzGrenadiers send one Platoon around the other flank to make use of a nearby ford. Others push closer to the bridge – but their advance is stopped by the sudden appearance of a Fallschirmjager platoon which reveals its ambush positions. A Platoon of Assault Guns has also arrived from reserve and his advancing toward the Police troops threatening the Fallschirmjager’s flank.
The ambushing FJ platoon finally reveal their positions - StuGs from reserve can be seen approaching from the rear
Smoke is laid down on the FJ CIC to stop him ranging in for the Nebelwerfers as SS troops attempt to force a crossing of the bridge supported by the Sturm Tigers.
The Sturm Tigers manage to knock out one of the Nebelwerfers and the Police troops also kill their observer limiting their future firing options. SS Mortars then drop smoke on the Fallschirmjager Company Commander denying him the ability to range in for them. With the Nebelwerfers prevented from finding valid targets the SS push their advance over the bridge and toward the ford. But one Platoon advances too far and moves into direct LOS of the Nebelwerfer battery; a concentrated bombardment lands right on top of them wiping out over half of the Platoon forcing them to withdraw.
An enemy platoon makes a mistake and comes within direct LOS of the Nebelwerfers.

Here they come!!! Enemy troops attempt to force a bridge crossing
But other SS infantry are now set to cross the bridge and assault the dug in Fallschirmjager. Covering fire is provided by another SS Platoon positioned along the river bank. Despite a concentrated volley of fire the dug in Fallschirmjager are not pinned down and the SS charging over the bridge quickly back pedal.
Enemy Polizei manage to flank the FJ dug in by the river bridge
Meanwhile the Police troops have occupied two dug in positions on one flank having crossed the river unopposed. But now a 2nd platoon of Fallschirmjager has launched an assault on one Police Platoon covered by a platoon of Assault Guns. The Police forces are quickly routed and the FJ dig in leaving the StuGs to take out the 2nd police platoon that has crossed the river.
Reserve StuGs and a 2nd FJ Platoon move to assault the weakened Pio

Not much hope left now for the enemy - Polizei have been pushed back to the forest while the SS have been whittled down and are in no position to cross the bridge again
By the bridge the SS decision to pull back from the assault has also been timely as the ambushing Tiger tanks reveal their positions by the river ford. HMG fire from the two Tigers cuts down the SS covering force along the river bank as more Rocket fire from the Nebelwerfers lays down barrage after barrage of direct fire on their SS comrades.
An attempt is made to force a river crossing downstream from the bridge but ambushing Tigers flay them with HMG fire
Minor success achieved as a Squad of SS manage to cross the river - they dont last long though
End Turns (8-->) 
The battle is all but over at this point the combined SS-Police forces have been unable to force a major crossing of the river against the dug in Fallschirmjager. Nebelwerfer rounds, Fallschirmjager sniper bullets & Rifle/MG fire, HMG from Fallschirmjager assault guns and more HMG fire from the Tiger Tanks continues to pound away at them killing off more Platoons and forcing a complete retreat.

Where everyone ended up when time ran out
Final Result a 7-1 win


Scott said...

A comprehensive win. Can't fault you there.

How useful were the SturmTigers? I like the look of the models, but the rules for them and points cost puts me off... I always end up thinking the points would better spent elsewhere...

John Murrie said...

I think my opponent took SturmTigers because he liked them. They seemed horribly ineffective although their AT threat was enough to make me constantly evaluate where I would place the ambushing Tigers.

But they weren't that great not strong enough to be effective as artillery or mobile enough to be effective as AT.

If my opponent had attempted to rush me things might have gone differently...