April 2, 2013

NATCON FOW final results + army parade pics

Final results from FOW competition were published on the BF forums last night.  Simon McBeth was the stand out, he didn't drop a game all weekend, and he had the event won after Day 2.  Rest of the field was really close showing how competitive everyone was.


I'm pretty happy with how I did  from my 8 games getting 3 wins, 2 draws and 3 loses. Some better decision making in a couple of games and with a bit more luck I could have finished higher.  But 17th= is a pretty fair reflection of how I did. 

Simon McBeth - 51 First Place
Mike Haycock - 35 Second Place (Due to more wins)
Rob Sadler - 35 Third Place
Andrew Shepherd - 34 Best Daily Sport
Russell Briant - 34
Warren Hart -34
Steve Hill - 33 Best Painted
Bede Bailey - 32 Best Painted Runner Up
Stephen Chambers - 32
Mark Stanton - 32
Ken Camel - 31
Andrew Stanton - 29
Tim Driver - 29
Daniel Shepherd - 29
Nick Garden - 29
Matt Martin - 27 Best Painted Runner Up (thought his SS Panzers were awesome)
John Murrie - 27
Damien Tyson - 27
Alexander Martin -26
Callum Martin - 25
Richard Jeffrey - 24
Daniel Wilson - 23 Best Sport Overall (very nice guy and well deserved)
John Fletcher - 22
Tony Bates - 16

For those unfamiliar with FOW scoring each scenario has a set of victory conditions for the attacker and defender.  If you meet those you win and then points are based on how many Platoons (units) you lost and the loser always gets one point.

Win losing no Platoons = 6 -1
Win losing 1 Platoon = 5-2
Win losing 2 Platoons = 4-3
Draw = 3-3

Tournament scoring also gives the winner of each game 1 additional point e.g. 6-1 becomes 7-1.  So maximum points from the weekend's 8 games were 56, minimum 8.  Coming out even with 3 points per game would give you 24.

As you can see Simon scored 51/56 and was setting on a perfect 35/35 after Day 2 so someone ruined his 100% clean sweep.  The Stanton brothers last game on Sunday was against eachother and determined their places - a ton of infantry in that game too + the choo choo.

Finally here's a slideshow of most of the armies from the Parade on Day 3 - not as many pictures as I would have liked as the majority of photos I took were out of focus unfortunately.  Final 5 AAR up in next couple of days.


Scott said...

Well done John, a solid performance there.
Thanks for sharing the pics.

John Murrie said...

Cheers Scott :)