April 7, 2013

Runefang VI army list submitted

Well I bit the bullet and decided to submit my army list for Runefang in 3 weeks time.  Its basically the same as in my last post except I have followed Jeffs advance and swapped the smaller Hammerer unit for one of 10 Quarrellers and put the MR Grungi on the big block.  Did require me to lose the Champions in the Warrior blocks but thats not a biggy.

Hopefully these guys can get into combat more often

My 2011 8th Ed Dwarf tournament army - 2013 version loses the Miners, Rangers upgrade on Warriors & 6 Quarrellers.  But it gains a 2nd Runesmith, 2nd Organ Gun and a Gyrocopter

Also have to figure out who to take as my 2nd Runesmith - have an old style Engineer with a staff looking thing, think Ill just opt for both of the characters in the picture above and use the guy below as my BSB - not the best paint job I have ever done but he's not bad.

List submissions does give me a couple of goals for the next 3 weeks though, other than play testing and thats to get 2 Slayers painted - I stripped, rebased and undercoated three during the week - and to sort out a display board.


Sam said...

That BSB looks good mate. If I played Dwarfs (shudder) I would run all my hammerers horde mate. Stubborn anyway.

John Murrie said...

Cheers - Horde is the way to go for Hammerers if I had the models Id take two units like Simon but alas only have 38 of them *sigh*