April 19, 2013

Runefang VI - WHFB Tournie Lists & Attendee breakdown

Got a lovely email from Peter Williamson the TO for Runefang VI next weekend with all of the army lists for the event attached and a breakdown of the armies attending.  The big surprise is that the most popular race for the event is.... DA DA DA DA DA... DWARVES!!! (well I suppose Lizards tied with them but they're broken so whose counting)

The 28 armies attending the event breakdown as follows:
  • Dwarves - 4
  • Dark Elves - 1
  • High Elves - 1
  • Lizards - 4
  • Warriors of Chaos - 3
  • Daemons - 2
  • Ogres - 2
  • Chaos Dwarfs - 1
  • Orcs n Goblins - 1
  • Vampire Counts - 2
  • Empire - 1
  • Beasts of Chaos - 2
  • Skaven (boo) - 3
  • Unknown (???) - 1      
On another note when it comes to spelling the plural of Dwarf how do you do it - Dwarfs or Dwarves???  I tend to alternate between the two but see the latter as being more correct, what say the other stumpy's out there.

If you want to have a look at the army lists from the event you can download them here 

Ill try and do some kind of analysis of them tomorrow, but honestly unlike a lot of local players I dont have an encyclopedic knowledge of every armybook - heck I barely remember half of my own stuff - but Ill give it a go...

YAH THE STUMPIES!!!  and yes I am bringing 3 x Runes of Spellbreaking and 1 of Spelleating AH HA HA HA HA


Scott said...

I have a feeling "Dwarfs" is actually correct. 'Dwarves' I believe is Tolkien-ism...?

Interesting you say Lizards are broken... that was the same feeling about them when I played Warmaster...

John Murrie said...

Tolkien must be where I picked Dwarves up from although it sounds a bit like D&D to me as well.

Lizards are OK but magic wise too powerful in the current edition without comp restrictions